Barbie Extra Minis. Really cute mini doll

New Barbie Extra Minis dolls have burst into the world of big Barbie dolls. This is a new series of miniature Barbie dolls Extra series.

Their faces are similar to the faces of Barbie dolls Extra, but they are small 5.5 inches. Such a doll is convenient to take on a trip and it does not take up much space.

This is what made them popular in a short time.
The company has released 4 dolls with different hair and fashionable looks. Although I also see such a beauty that I really want to buy!

Each miniature doll has an original style and character. Dolls have long luxurious hair that can be combed and create amazing hairstyles.
It is important that, in addition to amazing faces and fashionable accessories, their elbows and knees bend, allowing the dolls to take different poses.
Each doll is sold separately and has its own stand. Dolls cannot stand without support. Because they have heavy heads.

I repeat that the height of the doll is 5.5 inches and exactly the size that I love.

My new Barbie Extra Minis

I chose doll number 2 for my collection. She’s a brunette with a blonde streak in her hair.
Any doll that comes to me from a store or from another seller instantly changes its clothes.
I don’t like ready-made sets of doll clothes and especially jewelry. I want to change the style and dress my doll to my taste.

Cute mini doll

A few years ago I was fond of embroidery. I was inspired and I embroidered some pictures with letters. When little Barbie appeared in my dollhouse, I couldn’t think of a name for her. Then I caught sight of a picture with the letter G. And that’s how I found the name Gloria for her.

Mini Barbie doll

The doll is similar in height to other short dolls from my collection.
I tried on two dresses for her that I knitted for Lady Heidi Ott. And they fit perfectly for Barbie Extra minis.

dress for 5 inches doll
One dress for 4 dolls

The other day I knitted a new yarn outfit for her in shades of autumn. A thin knitted sweater of marsh color. A thin knitted skirt in the color of autumn leaves with a dark green ornament and a shawl crocheted with an openwork pattern.

Barbie Extra Minis doll

The kit is ready, he is waiting for a new mistress CREATIVHOOK SHOP

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