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Black kitty & White Cat

A very small post about the cats) I don’t have cats, now I can’t afford to have it for different reasons. But I like cats, I like their independence and watch them very interesting. Imagine what a serious event, on stage someone reads the report on an important topic. The audience carefully closets Rapporteur…..and here on stage, behind the scenes it turns out the cat……. She slowly walks down the stage, encircling the audience and the Rapporteur’s attention. Then stop, for example, scratch behind the ear.открытие сезона_40м
Do you think that will be focused on all the attention to the speaker or not? Well, of course, all the audience’s attention is now focused on the cat! And it will continue to until she decides to go on his cat)
I’m not going to write about the symbolism of cats and their magical nature. But they will always be interested in us, and we tolerate their antics and intractable temper because we love them!il_570xN.978377298_oz8x
I too, can say, made my contribution to the adoration of cats) Here are two of my hits on this topic)

Model – Hujoo Baby and American girl mini
Yarn – Cottonag doll dress
White cat and Black cat! As in the famous film by Emir Kusturica.0_1d908_b12a4576_XL

2 thoughts on “Black kitty & White Cat

  1. Ольга, к сожалению, я не могу иметь кошку. Я аллергик. Я восхищаюсь как ряса, точно вязаные и трикотажные. Я могу вязать платье, но я не могу струна кошки.

    1. Спасибо Ружена! Мы можем вязать платья с котами для наших кукол)

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