How buttoning tiny buttons on miniature dresses

The miniature dresses have tiny buttons. How buttoning tiny buttons on miniature dresses. This is a small note I wrote for my dear clients. Most of my dolls are small, just 2 inches in size.

<img src="miniature dolls" alt="2 inches dolls>
if you have miniature doll 2 inches, READ this POST

And I understand that pinning buttons on their clothes can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a magnifying glass.


 Let me help you and show you how to do it. We’re gonna need tweezers. You can get it from the manicure set.


First, let’s put on our miniature doll.


After your doll is dressed.
Now the most important thing!

Take the tweezers and very carefully and carefully entering it into the loop. With tweezers, take the button and put it quietly in the loop.

2504<img src="how fasten miniature buttons" alt="miniature buttons">
I hope this story and my photos will help you.

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ARI dolls with hair.

ARI  dolls vintage with hair – are familiar and very many favorite dolls of German production. Many people had them. They are still sold on eBay. And they buy them because they are living memories of childhood for many, many people in different countries.

My Collection of ARI dolls is expanding and today I want to show you a new doll. I am grateful to my clients for the unexpected purchases of brand new dolls. They are inexpensive, usually within a few euros or dollars.

One of the most popular models among ARI dolls collectors and fans of vintage dolls from the Germany, this is a large-headed doll about 11 cm high.

<img src="ari dolls collection" alt="creativhook ari doll " />
ARI doll 4 inches

This ARI doll is model 3330, the model number is written on the back. But similar dolls with synthetic hair were produced with different types of bodies and different heights. And the model numbers started with the number 3, so you can identify the series of dolls. This series was produced at ARI factories in the 60s and 70s of the 20th century.

<img src="ari dolls collection" alt="creativhook ari doll " />
A distinctive feature of the dolls from this series is a slightly slanted look and a large head.

The doll has a cast body with fixed legs, she has moved hands.

You can read also the latest post about vintage German ARI dolls here

I’m starting a new project, it will be a set of clothes for this ARI doll. I prepared the yarn and came up with a design. But this will be in the next story. Follow my site, subscribe to it and you will always be up to date with new doll stories.

Miniature clothes for 2 inches baby dolls Heidi Ott dollhouse

Miniature clothes for 2-inch dolls and the process of then creating is very interesting and difficult. But this activity brings great pleasure when fans of tiny dolls receive their orders.

I created a small video to show you my miniature clothes for the smallest 2-inch dolls. Most often these are dolls from the Heidi Ott Dollhouse, baby boys and baby girls. But each client can have other dolls of the same size 2 inches live in the Dollhouse. So the dress will fit and so miniature dolls.

I invite everyone to my  YouTube channel. I’m still trying my hand at creating video projects and I need your support.

Just recently, I created a video and dedicated it to the smallest dolls. In it, you will see miniature dresses and sets for dolls from the Heidi Ott Dollhouse. Now they are the most popular among my clients.