Vintage story about miniature dolls.

Vintage miniature dolls have their own stories, and we have only to guess about their lives. We have come up with and think up.

I love vintage dolls, I write the stories and decorate them according to these stories). In my collection, there are a couple of vintage dolls marked in Germany. That’s about them in my story. I came across them on eBay and couldn’t buy it. They were in the Bavarian national costumes and badly battered. The couple was washed and stripped. It was necessary to create the outfits and the story. She was born unexpectedly quickly. Looking at the doll, I clearly introduced him as the captain or perhaps the boatswain, who strikes the bell and announces the departure of the ship or Vice versa on arrival at the port. So the idea was born and gradually rolled… Outfit the little captain was created.

The outfit was very ceremonial. Bright red jacket with epaulets and a medal, dark blue pants, and a cap with a badge. He stood on the pier and hit the bell. But by chance, our brave captain saw her. She walked down the pier in a lovely dress sea waves and Flirty with Jack. And as the song goes… And fell in love with  a boy))))


A few days later they were married, for such a solemn event, Gretchen dressed in a national costume and became even more beautiful, so that battered the captain removed her hat)))



After a while, Gretchen was already dressed casually but not less stylish…


My first doll

My first doll came to me in 1914. I was walking home after a hard day’s work.

Near the subway station, I met an old lady who was selling various things on a tiny table. You’ve seen this painting more than once, of course. I kind of passed, but peripheral vision drew a doll on the table. I stopped and started looking at it. The fatigue disappeared like the morning mist… and here I am, the happy owner of a small and very sweet doll. Of course, then I found out that these dolls were a dime a dozen. But that was God to me. She brought me back to my recent past when my main job was custom knitting. Now I have a model that doesn’t get naughty, spinning, or talking on the phone. And that’s all I didn’t knit. Any color and any style) And I started making a wardrobe for… naturally, there was a question about the name of my model. There was a naming contest among my friends and acquaintances. And in a tough fight for the title, the name Nina won. Now Nina was my full and almost only client. I want to show you some of my outfits.


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