CaCo vintage baby doll

Collectors CaCo vintage baby dolls know that in the 30s the company produced miniature dolls made of thin celluloid and ceramics.

Caho vintage dolls

I wrote a little story about this company here.
Nevertheless, I want to repeat for those who are on my site for the first time.
Since the company was founded in 1924, it has had the name Kanzler & Hoffmann. Therefore, some dolls have the name Kaho.
In 1945 the company moved to Neustadt-Coburg and in 1951 the name was transformed into CaCo (CanzlerCoburg & Hoffmann)

Ceramic CaCo doll
Ceramic vintage CaCo doll

In the early 30s, dolls began to be made of thin celluloid, with a skin effect. After the prohibition of lead and celluloid, production switched to plastic. The heads also became plastic. But that was later.

Vintage CaCo mini doll
Miniature celluloid doll

Unfortunately, the release of these dolls was short-lived and for this reason, such dolls are very rarely found on sale.

But nevertheless, many collectors have such small treasures.

vintage german CaCo doll
Miniature clothes for CaCo vintage baby doll by my hands

These CaCo vintage baby doll are very fragile and should be handled carefully enough.

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