Gustav Klimt “Kiss” in the dollhouse interior.

miniature dollhouse pillow

The most famous work of the Austrian can be called the painting “Kiss” (1907-1908), which refers to the “Golden period” of the artist. At this time, he was fond of decorative art, so used in his works of gold.

Painting in the interior


         The story of the writing of “The Kiss” 

Once a certain Count ordered a picture by Gustav Klimt for his beloved. To write a female image, the artist received a medallion, on which the Count’s fiancée was presented. The customer set a condition: he and the girl should be depicted in the picture in a passionate kiss. Klimt fulfilled his wish, the Count was satisfied. But he was tormented by one question: why in the picture their lips did not close in a passionate kiss?

Gustav explained this by trying to portray the desire, mood, and atmosphere – the motives that are thrown into the abyss of love at the moment the kiss itself.
The Count accepted the answer… She liked the picture so much that after a while the customer was leaving with his young wife on a wedding journey: seeing the picture, she immediately agreed to marry him.
Later, Klimt revealed the secret of “The Kiss”. It turns out that when the artist painted the picture, he himself fell in love with a girl with a medallion. Therefore, he depicted a tedious waiting for a kiss instead of the kiss itself. It was an act of small revenge out of a sense of jealousy for the Count.

The interior of the ideal dollhouse room will be decorated with decorative pillows with fragments of the painting “Kiss”.



A fragment of the painting. Element of a girl's dress.
             A fragment of the painting. The element of a girl’s dress.
                                     Start of miniature embroidery

I have a cup at home with a picture of that painting. I think she’s the one who pushed me into this miniature embroidery. The interior of the dollhouse deserves such a decorative pillow.

For the first collection of Klimt painting, I chose two pillows with the most interesting fragments of the picture. In my opinion, they perfectly reflect this picture.

Heads of lovers and a bright fragment of the girl’s clothes. It seems that Klimt collected all the colors and shades in the picture. That is why “Kiss” attracts attention and fascinates viewers.

Let’s add beauty to the dollhouse and make it’s interior unique.

Despite everything, “Kiss” does what a great work of art should do: it attracts the eye, forcing the viewer to admire its aesthetic qualities. That is why this work is so popular all over the world.



Miniature embroidery pillows.

Miniature embroidery is the embroidery of miniature patterns on a very thin canvas, cotton canvas, or silk canvas. The main form of stitch used is small points.

My experience in such handicrafts is still very small, but it gives me great pleasure. The tiny thing has something nice, it has all the details and shape of a bigger piece.
I love watching it come to life before my eyes!

Start of embroidery work
When miniature pillow is ready to new dollhouse

In Europe in the middle of XIX century embroidery with small crosses or very small beads was very popular, especially for the decoration of theatrical bags and jewelry. Experienced needlewomen use this kind of miniatures to decorate and decorate the dollhouse, furniture, bags, carpets, covers of all types, pillows, carpets, tablecloths.

My miniature doll help me.

Nice bird in new pillow

Miniature embroidery is an amazing activity. Each time you get a small piece of art for little dolls.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Very soon, these and other miniature embroidered cushions for the dollhouse will appear in the store.

Embroidered miniature pillows