Miniature clothes for your dolls by Creativhook.

Do want to know why miniature doll collectors choose Creativhook?

     There are a lot of dolls collectors in the world. Their preferences are different, because the modern toy market offers a wide range of dolls… Each collector chooses his favorite doll or puppet company. Many collectors prefer vintage dolls from the recent past, or antique and rare specimens. And each of them wants to dress up their favorite dolls in dresses or suits designed specifically for them.

<img src="Tiny modern dolls" alt="Mini Blyth doll">
This is the reason why a large number of manufacturers of puppet clothes work. Each author and creator of the range of clothing for dolls tries to stand out and draw attention to his work.

<img src="Heidi Ott dolls" alt="Dollhouse mini dolls">

I’ve been making doll clothes for five years. My shop has a funny name Creativhook. At the beginning of my work I only knitted with a hook. Now I understand knitting needles as well and I like them more.

<img src="Creativhook" alt="Dollhouse mini dolls">

Do you want the doll dresses not to be disposable? Do you want your dresses to stay in shape or color after the necessary washing? Our wishes coincide.

How is my doll clothes different from others and how can I help you?


1.  I use quality yarn in my work. Most often it is 100% merino with silk. This yarn is produced in Italy. For the creation of airy and delicate models, I prefer mohair also with the addition of silk. Festive dresses for dolls require bright colors, the full range of shades is presented by Madeira. This is a thin thread used in embroidery. You can see this silk thread in my latest post.

<img src="Merino silk yarn" alt="Wool merino yarn">

      2. “The king makes a retinue,” the expression applies to my miniature work. Miniature dresses, jackets and overalls require miniature fittings. Tiny buttons, hooks and buttons surprise customers. 

<img src="kelly doll dresses" alt="Kelly doll by Mattel">

      3. And of course, miniature souvenirs and tiny hangers. Each dress, even the smallest one, is accompanied by a miniature hanger. It will allow to feel the buyer expensive boutique)

<img src="miniature doll dresses" alt="Dollhouse clothes">



      Creativhook offers an individual approach. Even if we are separated by time zones and our time does not coincide, I try to answer questions quickly. Each doll is unique and loved. Your wishes and preferences are important to me. I can argue with the customer, but only if I see some element of the doll’s wardrobe in a winning form. Your favorite dolls deserve beautiful outfits.

<img src="miniature dolls" alt="Dollhouse mini dolls">

                               Dolls collection.

My doll collection isn’t big yet, but it’s being replenished regularly. I try to collect dolls as similar as possible to your dolls. This helps me to be precise in making doll clothes for you. Sometimes I have to ask questions and ask customers to take the measurements they need to do the job.

<img src="miniature dolls" alt="Dollhouse mini dolls">

                                   Creativhook Shop

The shop presents my main ideas of doll’s wardrobe and doll’s house decoration. These models can be considered basic. The models are often modified and changed depending on the new yarn and my mood. The range of miniature puppet clothes is often updated and I am sure you will find something for your taste in the shop. If you do not find a suitable model of dress or other clothes for your doll,

                                                We will create it together!

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  1. I admire your work for little dolls. I also collect them and knit and crochet them. Sometimes I find inspiration in you. Good luck to you. Rose

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