As much as I wanted to have a big Studio with large, open shelves that always under another was my “handiwork of untold wealth.”
That everything is always at hand, and not have to search in different boxes and drawers is an essential item or cut of fabric or leather. No, it certainly is very good when in search of the necessary material rummaging in boxes and boxes, stumble on other interesting things and stuff! And creative thought begins to come up with a new one.
In one such search, I came across a box of wire. Remember I wrote about my fascination with knitting wire?

So in this box, I have a wire tube.

necklace tubular form
Crochet wire tube

Once upon a time, they enjoyed great success with my clients. This idea of knitting with wire with bead tubes, I was born quite unexpectedly. I thought very few options of decorations that would fit different women loving the diversity of wearing jewelry. When one element can turn into a complicated decoration or stay simple.

Sun wire crochet tube

For knitting, I used a different wire and a mix of bright Japanese beads. The color of the bead mix was chosen for the main color of the wire. And began the process of knitting. The length of the tube is also varied depending on decoration ideas.  And most importantly, such a tube may have a different reason for the creation of unique jewelry. This can be a cord, silk or from cotton. Can be a chain or rubber cord. For a more solemn occasion, such a tube can decorate a silk scarf or just a piece of beautiful fabric.

Holiday wire black tube

So… all the attention is on the screen.


The tube in the silk ribbon


Wire tube in the plastic mesh

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These pieces are so beautiful! I’ve never thought to crochet with wire! 😀