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Miniature embroidery pillows.

Miniature embroidery is the embroidery of miniature patterns on a very thin canvas, cotton canvas or silk canvas. The main form of stitch used is small points.
In Europe in the middle of XIX century embroidery with small crosses or very small beads was very popular, especially for the decoration of theatrical bags and jewelry. Experienced needlewomen use this kind of miniatures to decorate and decorate the dollhouse, furniture, bags, carpets, covers of all types, pillows, carpets, tablecloths.

My experience in such handicrafts is still very small, but it gives me great pleasure. The tiny thing has something nice, it has all the details and shape of a bigger piece.
I love watching it come to life before my eyes!<img src="" alt="Dollhouse miniature pillow" />

Creating a small piece of embroidery does not take much time, of course, if you already have experience of such work. The small size of the embroidery allows you to use a variety of finishing methods and turns these miniature paintings into details of the future design of the dollhouse rooms.
<img src="" alt="Dollhouse miniature pillow" />
For new miniature pillows and tried to embroider small landscapes and bouquets of flowers.<img src="" alt="Dollhouse miniature pillow" />

<img src="" alt="Dollhouse miniature pillow" />

<img src="" alt="Dollhouse miniature pillow" />

All the presented miniature pillows for the dollhouse can be found in my shop.

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