In each town, there is a Flea market. For lovers of Antiques and vintage, this is an amazing place. Even if you are not going to buy anything, you can just wander around among the counters and stare at the unusual items from the past. Some will surely remind you your childhood or youth.Vintage suitcases and trunks, spinning wheels and sewing machines, dolls, and bears, lace, and thread. I love such places and in every city, I’ve visited, I’ve tried to find such a place.0_120a89_f0a36230_xl

Vintage treasure


Things from the past


In my beloved Saint-Petersburg also have a flea market. Residents lovingly call it “Udelka”, the name of the train station Specific, nearby. That’s where I went in one day to replenish his small collection of dolls. I could not find what I was looking for, but that’s the beauty of Hiking in such places. If not immediately, then at another time you will definitely find for yourself something useful.

My score this time was modest but no less important to me.
It was like a bobblehead. He is 3,5 inches and on the back stamp indicating that it was made in Germany.
The company to him one, but unfortunately unmarked. Measuring only 2 inches.новый коллаж1

For my doll house and it was convenient to sit this wonderful doll was bought a sun lounger. This is most likely a puppet of the Soviet past. The material and paint are well preserved.
As for my favorite dolls from Latidoll, was found a small carrying case. I often take her to a different one and now a small house for her as.новый коллаж2

I prefer to knit clothes for dolls. But this cute baby boy and the boys need a change of clothing. Therefore, he urgently was associated jumper.
So… all the attention is on the screen…bj5bj1Here is a couple of little baby 2 inch and its big brother is 3.5 inches.0794

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