You remember the remarkable book of Francis Scott Fitzgerald “the Great Gatsby”? Well, of course, you remember. And no less wonderful adaptation of this book with

Flashback Stills from 'The Great Gatsby' movie of 1974-raag-fm (8)
Mia Farrow
Carey Mulligan

And so for that year, in the Wake of these films does not abate the interest of the public to images in the style of 20-ies. Weddings and corporate parties in the style of “the Great Gatsby” undoubtedly hits in the scenarios of these holidays. To this day fashionista figure out how to dress in the style of Daisy Buchanan or to do makeup and hair, similar to those worn by the women of the “roaring 20’s”i (3)


The Chicago style was born in the distant 30-ies of XX century, otherwise, it is called gangster. Female images of the period are different expressiveness and complexity, the fashion was dressed in a dropped waist, long gloves, furs, jewelry made of pearls, red lipstick, and hats. Special attention was paid to hair Updo style Chicago emphasized neat head fashionistas. And they created a truly magical decoration with feathers and precious stones.svadebnyj-obraz-nevesty-v-stile-20-godov-20-veka_2


Many wonders why the style of 20-ies became so popular among the planners? It is certainly not only the charm of a bygone era but in rather simple costumes typical for that time. In the wardrobe of almost every woman, there is a shift dress, a long string of pearls and shoes “Mary Jane”. Typical make-up and hair will complete the look. The ability conditions use decoration for hairstyles — a serious argument in favor of the enduring popularity of the style “Gatsby”, right?pricheski_v_stile_getsbi_4

One day I came to the client with a request to create the decoration for a wedding in that style. I went through a large number of photos of such jewelry. And work has begun.новый коллаж цук

At that time I was engaged in knitting wire, and therefore for a basis was taken the cloth, crocheted from white wire. For decoration, I used pearl beads and ostrich feathers.ввввв

To my deep regret, I have no photos of the bride.

After the first decoration was born another. Only this time I used a bright purple color.DSC03258imageку1041

And here’s what I got as a result of this work. Do you like it?45454

Later I made several similar ornaments. And used to work silver wire.044eed615531ee2800d474565e55dd23

See, the same decoration will be perfect for any occasion, be it party or wedding.267c711510640a02d687f774f2ef3feb

And a little bit of jewelry for the hair, which can be done for parties in the style of 20-30.a0dbab1ae4f536f142b64641932d07abf9362d83511efe3f18494ca75c74bb9e_MG_1986_MG_2090Thank you for your visit. I hope that you liked my jewelry.

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Beautiful and so unusual. It is lovely alternative to the traditional bridal tiara.