Hand knit clothes for Mini Barbie dolls

Mini Barbies confidently occupy places on collectors’ shelves.
The clothes of these dolls are not of very good quality.
Buyers are looking for high – quality and beautiful clothes for their mini dolls .
Creativhook workshop can offer such doll clothes made of miniature knitted knitwear.

What are mini Barbie dolls good for?

  1. The size of the doll allows you to have it in your bag.
  2. It looks beautiful on the doll shelf
  3. Doll wardrobe does not take up much space
  4. You can dress her in any doll outfits, not just dresses.

There are two mini Barbies in my collection now. One doll with dark hair with a light strand. The second doll has blonde hair with a red tinge.


A doll with dark hair from the first series of mini Barbie and the second from the second series. About her I wrote this article https://www.creativhook.com/barbie-extra-minis-really-cute-mini-doll/

Let’s look at the finished Mini Barbie clothes by my hands:

  • Gray dress with lace decor on the front of the dress. Dress with elbow-length sleeves. The dress is knitted from fine silk yarn by my hands. The lace has a floral pattern and is decorated with small beads.
  • Bright red dress in baby doll style. The dress has long sleeves. A small decoration in the form of a silk lace collar. The perfect dress for brunettes and blondes.
  • Winter complete set of doll clothes for mini-barbie. Pink little hat, blue jacket, white lace top and a stunning skirt.
    All the details of the set are combined with each other and can be combined with your other doll clothes.
  • A wonderful set for winter days. White eco-leather jacket with fluffy collar. The jacket has silver buttons. The set of the jacket includes trousers made of thin knitwear in the color of jeans.

Barbie Mini dolls are adorable and I can dress your dolls them up beautifully.

.All doll outfits are available for purchase in the store on the website.

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