Hats for Dolls

Each set of dolls’ clothing is not complete if it does not have the appropriate cap or cap for the doll. Let’s have a look at some models of dolls’ hats.


<img src="mattel Kelly doll " alt="miniature dolls" />
My lovely style,


I knit and crochet a lot of dresses for dolls of different sizes. But created only dresses I’m not interested in. I like to create a complete image of dolls. To complete it all, and the dress and hat. 

White crocheted set


Red elegant set for 2-inch doll

For the youngest dolls are usually of a hat is not complicated, but have to have a small decorative element in the form of a flower or miniature embroidery.il_570xN.1121851414_3icn

Heidi Ott toddler doll 2,5 inches

For dolls, the size of a little more imagination paints hats with brim and flowers more.
The hat itself sometimes dictates the style of dress, but sometimes Vice versa.

Hujoo baby 5-inch doll


Here are some photos of different hatsil_570xN.1169300046_kxx5mh1mh2il_570xN.1169300100_f46vil_570xN.1169300074_s0hoil_570xN.1169300138_tv7jil_570xN.1037983758_46izil_570xN.1187505527_fmryil_570xN.962561294_bkdu

My lovely Kelly doll new outfit




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