Heidi Ott dolls sweaters

In the cool season cannot do without a warm and cozy sweater.
New 2019 the brand “Creativhook” offers not only classic models of sweaters but also new collections, in which you can see several original and extravagant options. So, what sweaters will be the most fashionable in the wardrobes of dollhouses?

Every fashionable wardrobe of any doll should have a sweater with ornaments, this is a Norwegian sweater.

Most popular dark blue color for hand-knitted sweater.


Heidi Ott lady doll!


Norwegian sweater.
Sweater with deer, snowflakes, stars, and other Scandinavian motifs. Patterns are performed in several shades, usually, it is dark blue, red, blue and white. To knit Norwegian sweaters, or other uses Merino natural yarn. In the workshop “Creativhook”,  I only use thin Merino yarn.

Black long sweater with red long socks
Number ! for 2019 winter!


The sweater can be short or long. They can be combined with skirts, trousers or jeans.  In the upcoming season of 2019, long sweaters will be especially popular, so they should be in every closet of a fashionable girl.
Incidentally, skirts can be utterly unexpected, leather or silk.
Long sweaters go well with leggings or tight pants, or long socks.

Pink long sweater-dress and gray socks with silk bows.


Do you like my doll’s clothes?


Whatever you say, a sweater is a very comfortable and practical thing. With the uncomfortable weather, cold, slush, and rain the best clothes are simply not found.  It’s nice to know that your favorite doll has in her doll wardrobe comfortable and comfortable, and incredibly stylish thing.



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