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In July , I received an e-mail invitation to join a team of sellers on the InspireUplift marketplace.


I was surprised by the invitation and compliments to miniature knitted clothes for dolls .

I liked the name, it inspires creativity.  As you can already see in my posts, most of my doll clothes are the result of inspiration.

I didn’t know the name of the company. To understand the working principle and ideology of the marketplace, I found information about the company.

Inspire Uplift is an emerging online marketplace serving more than 1.5 million customers worldwide. This is a universal e-commerce platform that offers a large number of interesting products for home and garden, decorative items, hobby goods, jewelry, accessories for women and men.

I open a store with clothes for miniature dolls on this marketplace. I plan to develop my shop together with this platform. In Creativhook shop you will find a lot of beautiful and high-quality doll clothes of the smallest sizes.

One of these dolls you can buy in my shop

The InspireUplift team spends a lot of effort to share the best and high-quality content online with our fans. She also knows numerous shopkeepers  this confirms that there is too much inspiring and amazing in the world of manual creativity not to share it with customers.

The concept of my small shop has not changed. Fans of miniature dolls can be sure of the quality of my work and attentive attitude to each orders. I say this for a reason, I get a lot of positive feedback from happy customers. The fascination with dolls brings the buyer and seller closer together. I understand your wishes and dreams.

Micro and mini BJD
Inspire Uplift helps you find amazing handmade items.

The beginning of collaboration with the IU team made a strong impression. Employees are ready to help by answering simple and complex questions to make working on the site more fun.

When  you are looking for gifts for loved ones, children or friends, you can be sure that handmade craftsmen will offer you a huge selection of wonderful products. 


The world is big and beautiful and talented people live in it, ready to help you with your choice.
For the convenience of customers, the company has created a convenient application.

You deserve to buy products that make you happy. Inspire Uplift is all about giving you a choice of products you can’t live without. Make your home better or give your friend a gift that he will never forget.

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