Greetings, dear readers, today we go  in Italy! We are looking for where the dolls grow from.

Oh, and I tortured my Italian friends about those dolls. They all wrote me that they’ve seen these dolls, but they don’t know anything about their production. So I had to dig through a lot of different sites dedicated to dolls produced by Querzola. I admit it wasn’t easy, as if there was a company and left us nothing to remember except doll images from different websites and blogs.

So, in 1950 in Savenna (Bologna) was founded and worked a small company producing children’s toys “QUERZOLA MARIO DI S.LAZZARO”.

In 1955 Mario Guerzola received a patent for the production of dolls, the following year he received the same patent in France.

The brand logo is an oak tree surrounded by MQ initials. Oak with a reference to the last name. Oak is Latin for Quercus.

The company has only been producing dolls for 10 years. According to collectors, dolls produced by the company were not of high quality and most of them were made in souvenir version. Beautiful dolls in national costumes were taken away to their countries by tourists. Now you can buy them in perfect condition in different markets, because they were not made for games.

I only have three company representatives. In my opinion, the most recent period. They are no longer celluloid, but plastic.

For children’s games were produced dolls with a soft body. Within 10 years, were released small dolls in cute suits about 9 cm tall and a little bigger dolls.

In the Italian press in the late 70’s flashed an advertising campaign that the company Querzola sold in Italy “GOOD EGGS”, under license from the British company Pedigree, these were the ancestors of the current Kinder surprises.

In Italy, there is a tradition of having a baby in the house and decorating the house with flowers of a newborn. What is not offered in the form of jewelry and gifts on such a day. There were plastic key chain dolls like this – boy and girl. And such trinkets were often given to guests.

Souvenir production of the company did not pass over attention and one of the main characters of Italian literature Pinocchio. As one of my friends wrote to me, such dolls lived in many Italian families with children.

I also liked the change face doll. It’s a wonderful and easy to implement idea for those who create dolls for kids.

What makes these dolls so cute for today’s collectors? I think they’re their sleeping eyes. It’s impossible not to admire their bright colors.

In addition to dolls of different sizes, the company surprised children with game sets, it was possible to imagine a doll by a doctor or a villager.

The dolls were not only sold individually, but you could buy a whole set.

We open the box… and there’s the girls in a row.

This is the story of a company whose dolls were seen by everyone, but few people know about it.

Now only little dolls in bright outfits with amazing eyes do not let us forget about 10 years of company work.

Thank you for finishing my slightly sad story. Write it down if you have any pretty girls like that.

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