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Korean BJD Hujoo.

  • Among the Korean BJD companies, Hujoo has a special place.

Today  I’ll show you  doll  by Hujoo dolls family.
This doll appeared in my dollhouse in 2016. That year was rich in purchases and information.
This doll was a source of irrepressible fantasy for me, for which I tied up a large number of models, which later turned into the main models of doll dresses for other dolls.
With this doll I learned to change wigs and eyes for the first time.
Before that, I had no idea how to do it. It was a little scary and a lot of excitement)

Over time, all the fears and excitement faded away, and I liked each new image of Ellie more than ever before, but it was all later. While I was waiting for the doll to arrive, I was reading everything about the company and my doll.


Hujoo was invented in Korea in 2005 by the designer and head of Hujoo – Hyun Song Ian. The features of the doll’s face echoed the shape of a cat with pointed eyes and puffy lips. Yang himself, as he wrote about himself, embodied the traits of a rebellious teenager with a bad character inherent in this age. That’s probably why his dolls are special.


Having read a lot of information on different doll forums, I was horrified to learn that these dolls are not very popular in the families of collectors of the BR. As they write in the press: “When the Hujoo ABS line of dolls was first released, the denial in the BJD community led to a much bigger drop in sales than expected by Hujoo.

It’s hard for me to understand this attitude towards this cute creature. But the world of dolls is sometimes very cruel. But let’s not talk about sad things and get back to Ellie

  • That’s what I read about the company Hujoo.

First Hujoo doll debuted in Seoul in 2005. Prototype Hujoo — Mujoo was made of polyurethane resin. This material was very good for clear contours, small details, but too heavy for the big head dolls. Mujoo was more available and less mini-verse original Hujoo. The laboratory, in search of a better material, discovered ABS and upgraded it to the new Hujoo in 2007, which was presented the same year at the world puppet festival in Korea.


My doll came in a line of dolls 11-12 cm in 2011. And this line was called Hujoo baby. In this line there were three option little dollies Ted, Is, and Suve.
Mold my Ellis is Ted. Though the name mold boyish, she is very cute and attractive doll. She has 14 points of articulation and assembled like a traditional BJD doll.


Hujoo is constantly expanding its product line. Currently, Hujoo produces 4 different doll ranges with accessories and components. Full information can be found on the official website of the company. In the meantime, let’s see a fashion show of dresses for Ellie.




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4 thoughts on “Korean BJD Hujoo.

  1. I am a lover of Hujoo dolls. I have half a dozen tiny ones, several Jakes and a couple of 44 cm ones…and I even have the Io (60 cm of beauty). I don’t understand the prejudice these beauties face. But I have introduced doll lovers all over to them at conventions, and I keep hoping opinions will change. After all, “resin” dolls are synthetic polyurethane resin, which is a form of “plastic” (I took chemistry, majored in chemistry and I laugh when resin doll owners act like the resin used in BJDs is anything BUT plastic).

    That said, I still love Hujoos and some of my favorite ones travel with me without me worrying about them getting damaged.

    1. I totally agree with you and do not understand too easy disregard for these beautiful dolls. I love my Hujjo baby and I think its beautiful. Thank you very much for your comment!

  2. Great post! I think it’s a huge shame that the more picky BJD fans put Hujoo’s down. I love that they are ABS. They’re affordable and so much fun to customize!

    1. Thank You Ashley. You’re absolutely right. And I think this attitude towards the brand is unacceptable. I love my doll and I am sure that she is very beautiful!

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