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Lati Yellow Jia

Perhaps the most popular of the numerous family of Lati dolls,  this is a lati Yellow. Models of this size for a few dolls, in my dollhouse Creativhook, live Gia. This is not the last collection, but she’s very nice. As I wrote in the previous post, its size is 16 cm.
Its sizes allow you to create different outfits styles and designs.
Now many companies offer a huge variety of accessories for dolls. Eyes and wigs, the variety of sign pen, and of course clothes and shoes. For this doll, I have brought several wigs. I really like to watch a new wig changes my doll.  She’s Flirty, gently sweet, and just a bully.
I will not write much and offer view photo …9154zred dressnnnnnzvcz

Blue coat very elegant color of spring
Dark blue mohair coat,decor if crochet flowers


Boho style of brown dress
Incredible nice blue coat with embroidery.

All of this clothes, you can see in my Etsy shop Creativhook.


2 thoughts on “Lati Yellow Jia

  1. Чудо, как хороши и женственны!

    1. Спасибо большое Татьяна!

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