I intended this blog as a series of small stories about my Hobbies and my passion for different kinds of needlework. The study of each of them, in one way or another, helped me to understand, what interests me the most. Difficult to stop on something one. And wanted to find an area to allow them all to merge into one. And this opportunity has finally found the real embodiment. It’s a doll.

Miniature bag for Lati white


There fully I took all my skills to work with beads and yarn, crochet and knitting, and of course working with leather.
It began accidentally, even though I thought about it for a long time. I watched master classes and read about different techniques working with leather. And decided to start to try to do little things to store Souvenirs or useful things.9ec3e7e2a1a07f39697c80b296d802dd
So, this post will be dedicated to miniature pouches their leather.
Every woman keeps in her purse a lot of little things. Remember how in the childhood we loved to play “secrets” of the “secrets” I came up to a little sewing keepers.45d4198d4ac41deb2886da88cf04335f17d0f9ca5a36e70c7a94d3680b5745b0beb61e090b241f8ab8d91e0af64f71444260a40bc015addeb0ceefbae71b9bcf

Sewing leather was not an easy task, but gradually I began to receive here such nice things.
Thanks to my friend Natalia Eliseeva, I became the owner of a huge number of scraps the finest leather. Sew a simple seam seemed a little boring, and in turn went to beads and beads. It totally changed the mood of the finished products. They were unusual to store your lovely heart trinkets even more enjoyable. What do you think?2913a9f3e314aa49357884e5ccc212d2
The next step was the idea of wearing such custodian for the neck on a beautiful chain and the use of lace for decoration.cb3d189b0315f887f7ccde7e3151be9a49f379c882daa16e5dab2ebeb7725ab76cd16177b1cfe5786b69b0de1327153e
It turned out that such pouches. Imagine that you came to the salon to do a manicure….it is in this pouch you can put rings, while the wizard deals with your hands.9e831d5b6f71b57bc76e9f14f4c56d85

The smallest trimming the skin become rosy. They can decorate bags or worn as pendants.94cc4ed943fee206f76538cc2657d57021c59da2680540900bc517eb393a8b1d

And a couple more things that I found interesting. This covers for the phone and ROM memory. Then I tried to make the application of different skin colors and to sheathe them with small beads.0271c74a6dcc4a9602499e9291713a3c0a8bc00534bab95f338295e461d75b9d

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