Liddle Kiddles dolls. Crochet dresses for them.


Liddle Kiddles dolls are loved by collectors in the United States. Until 1917, I hadn’t heard anything about them.

This story began in 2017. One of my clients ordered several dresses and doll suits. It turns out that she was already buying doll dresses from me, but I didn’t know then which dolls she was buying these dolls for.

So, two weeks later, I received the parcel and was surprised that at first I thought it was the order that had not been received. But when I opened the box, I found three puppet bodies without heads! And the note that Connie, my client’s name was, wrote that she wanted to give me a useful gift and sent me these puppet bodies so I could knit new dresses with confidence. That’s how our friendship and puppet work began.

Connie wrote that these dolls are called Liddle Kiddly.

I started making new dresses.

The dolls have a vinyl bendable and obedient body, which is knitted only around the neck, rooted hair that can be combed or put into the hair and drawn features of the face. Wire is inserted inside the bodies to bend the handles and legs.


After a while, Connie sent me pictures of her dolls in new dresses.

I’ve been looking online, and this is what I’ve learned about these dolls. The dolls Connie collects are called Liddle Kiddles


The first 24 Liddle Kiddles dolls were attached to the cardboard base, each one covered with a transparent plastic bubble, each had its own accessories, themed clothes, funny book and most of them had yellow, pink, blue or white plastic combs and a brush.

Each of the 24 dolls had its own name and profession. I am amazed at the fantasies of the company’s designers. They tried to take into account all the nuances and interests of little girls.

With a very small body (2 inches), the dolls had large heads, in proportion to the body.


Now I remember this story and started looking for information about a company that produced such funny dolls. It was also because I “saved” such a pretty girl on eBay, as it turns out, the same company. And that’s why my story is about Uneeda Doll Company.

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    1. Hello Carol. I am sorry, but I do not doing patterns. I can crochet dresses for your dolls.

  1. Thank you for meeting other little dolls. I also see Liddle Kiddles for the first time and I really like it. I admire the doll with blond hair from this company. All the clothes you crocheted and knit are very nice. You are my great inspiration. Růža

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