Mattel Barbie Looks 2021

At the end of April 2021, the community of Barbie collectors stirred up the leak of photos of one of the upcoming lines. People literally “squeaked” from dolls in stylish black and white images, and it was something! It was a new line – Barbie Look Collection 2021

New faces designed specifically for this line. Articulated MTM bodies of new colors. And types for every taste


Made to Move bodies are the most mobile bodies among modern doll lines.

In the first days after the start of sales, the new Barbie Looks series was sold like hot cakes. The manufacturer, according to my feelings, simply could not cope with the demand.

There are two models of their Look line in my collection. This is a mini Barbie, she is the smallest, she has an interesting face and stylish short hair.

Barbie Kit

The mold (type of face) used to produce this doll is called Kit. She has plump, beautifully shaped lips, a neat nose, and a v-shaped chin. The ears, it seems to me, are slightly more protruding than usual in Barbie :)) The face print is very pleasant – nude lipstick, brown eyes of a complex shade with a gray undertone, brown eyebrows with traced hairs. The face would not be so expressive if the designers hadn’t added peach shadows.

The Looks series considered collectible and belongs to the Black Label. These dolls are not for children. Another advantage of the new dolls – very beautiful and restrained drawing of faces

Barbie Lina

My second doll from the Look line is a mulatto, This doll got a name Lina. She with long and very beautiful hair. Her face restrained with beautiful lips and perfectly shaped eyes. A stunning shade of lip color, you can call it NUDE.. The body is a pleasant shade, on which combinations of all shades and colors of yarn will look great.

Barbie Victoria

My friend and co-author of the site, Anna, has a Barbie with very blonde hair in the collection.
Her name is – Victoria Tall body, super mobile again. Long platinum hair. A very calm and discreet make-up, delicate terracotta blush sets off blue eyes. They’ve already called her a Moth on the web, she’s too pale.
The hair is soft, silky, very long, the bulk is loose, and two strands near the face are fixed on the back of the head in a ponytail.The doll’s body is very light. Anna is a wonderful master of miniature doll outfits. Now she is trying to knit new sweaters for her Barbie Victoria.

Barbie Petite now in her native outfit, big Barbie – Lina and Victoria have different sweaters and top. The first image is a free style with a pressed silk skirt and a loose top made of thin tweed.

The pink sweater knitted in the raglan-shoulder straps way with long sleeves. It seemed to me that this way of knitting sweaters for Barbie is good and clearly forms the shoulder.

For summer I knitted white top with openwork crochet insert on the front of the top.

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