Micro and mini Ball Joined Dolls (BJD)

The doll market is diverse and offers customers a huge selection. Micro and mini Ball Joined dolls (BJD) are becoming the most popular They are quite affordable and you will be surprised by their miniature sizes from 1 to 3 inches.

Different sizes of mini BJD

The small world of knitting is not just for humans anymore! I have a got all the accessories your dolls need, like miniature knitting. My handmade knit miniature clothes are perfect for mini and micro Ball Joined dolls. Available in a wide range of sizes from 1 to 5 inches and adorable designs. Also I have many colors of merino wool.

Tiny merino yarn for dolls clothes
Colors of tiny yarn

You’ll find everything you need to make your mini dolls look amazing and feel comfortable – from knitwear to winter wear, hats, blankets our knitting has something for everyone!

mini bjd doll 1,2 inches

I offer new handmade dresses for micro BJD. If you like the white color of doll clothes, then the novelty of this season is a thin merino yarn with the addition of the finest lurex.

white miniature dress for tiny bjd
White micro dress

Mini dolls deserve better clothes! These cute miniature clothes are just for them. I have a wide range of styles made from natural yarn for your doll to wear during their time in the dollhouse.

Mini dress to micro bjd
Amazing color of micro dress

Thank you for visiting my Inspire Uplift shop! If you are looking for a miniature knit dress for your miniature doll, I have just what you need. I can knit many style of dresses, hats, pants. It is high quality and handmade with care. Please contact us if you have any questions or requests.


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