Mini or micro BJD?

Did you know that Chinese companies are now producing mini and micro BJD?

Such dolls are realistic and qualitatively made. They have movable arms and legs, dolls take funny poses. The doll’s eyes and wigs change. Manufacturers sell dolls already with a painted face, which helps collectors and lovers of similar dolls.

Miniature bjd

There are four micro bjd in my collection. They are all of different height and different body color. You have the opportunity to choose dolls from the manufacturer. Look at my dolls.

Miniature Korean bjd

The tall doll is a mini BJD of the Korean company Blue Fairy Nano Fairy. She has been living in my collection for 4 years and I have knitted a lot of different clothes for her. The height of this doll is 5cm

Three other dolls of Chinese manufacturers.


A doll with a dark body color is made by the company  Geliefuxiaoxiao   She is surprisingly cute and has a height of 4cm. In a short time, it has become popular among fans of mini railways.

Mini china bjd

The doll with lilac hair and bright eyes is also made in China. She sell on Aliexpress. It is better to buy a doll with a wig and makeup.


The smallest doll is 2 cm tall and released by the company   like a doll with a dark body color.

Probably the company has a strong magnifying glass to make such a doll)

Miniature ball joined dolls

To create clothes for such dolls, I have very thin spokes and a strong magnifying glass with illumination.
Knit such miniature clothes is a complex and interesting process.

Miniature bjd collection

If you have become the proud owner of one of these dolls, I invite you to my store for micro doll clothes.

Geliefuxiaoxiao dolls

I invite everyone to my store for new doll outfits for mini and micro BJD. CREATIVHOOK

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