What would you like to receive a gift as a memory of your childhood?

A warm evening, when it is possible to remove the hated coat or warm jacket, throw away the hat, mittens, and scarf. And breathing in fresh spring and the warm breeze to run out into the yard. And there, on the dried the pavement, laughing and surprising warm day to draw with my friends the classics and jump to full fatigue. Draw funny pictures on the same pavement and enjoy his carefree childhood.And only the voice of his mother from the window could distract you from these activities.klassiki

Or maybe a doll house?
Remember how you played with the neighbor girl dolls? As I tried to sew them first and such funny dresses, how to make room out of everything that came across under hands. As they carried them to the courtyard and showed their skills.21966693
I remember it now with a warm sadness. For these good memories gave me one of my clients. She wanted to make his mother a gift for the Holiday mother. And chose a little doll in a beautiful dress. I would really like to see how she would react to such a gift, as it will keep in the hands of this girl. Maybe her memories will be similar to mine.999новый коллаж

2 inches doll


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