Mini rubber doll

When I started knitting doll clothes, I remembered my first mini rubber doll. And I started dressing her and learning how to knit miniature clothes for dolls.

Now, according to models and sketches, a similar doll is being produced, but already made of high-quality rubber and with a changed face.

Suddenly, my readers remembered this doll. This pleased me and I knitted new and beautiful dresses for Katenka, as collectors call her.

I’ll tell you about the mini rubber doll.
The growth of the doll is 2 3/4 inches. The rubber is soft and silky, so it’s nice to hold the doll in your hands.
The doll’s arms and legs are movable, which helps to play with the doll, put it in a stroller or in a bath.
The face does not have a fine drawing of the eyes and mouth, but the face is cute. The hair is molded and also painted in light brown or red colors.

The first collection included 6 dresses that I knitted with knitting needles made of fine silk threads.

When I finish knitting the dress, embroidery and assembly begins.This process is time-consuming and interesting.
Even if I came up with the decor, I make changes in the process. I usually embroider flowers and leaves

Work in process.

If you like a doll and you want to put her in your dollhouse, take a look at my Creativhook

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