Miniature clothes for 2 inches baby dolls by Heidi Ott

Miniature clothes for 2-inch dolls and the process of then creating is very interesting and difficult. But this activity brings great pleasure when fans of tiny dolls receive their orders.

I created a small video to show you my miniature clothes for the smallest 2-inch dolls. Most often these are dolls from the Heidi Ott Dollhouse, baby boys and baby girls. But each client can have other dolls of the same size 2 inches live in the Dollhouse. So the dress will fit and so miniature dolls.

I invite everyone to my  YouTube channel. I’m still trying my hand at creating video projects and I need your support.

Just recently, I created a video and dedicated it to the smallest dolls. In it, you will see miniature dresses and sets for dolls from the Heidi Ott Dollhouse. Now they are the most popular among my clients.

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