Miniature dolls dresses

My little shop has the newest stunning collection of miniature dresses for dolls with a size of 2 inches.

At the core of this collection is the combination of high-quality wool with embroidery silk.

<img src="2 inches dollhouse dolls" alt="mini dolls dress" />
Lavender dress for 2-inch doll

I like the combination of wool and lustrous silk. Floral embroidery seems more voluminous and contrasts its brilliance with a matte finish wool fabric.

 <img src=" dollhouse dolls" alt="mini dolls dress" />
Work in process

The best yarn for knitting and crocheting miniature dresses is very fine and silky, which allows you to work with very fine crochet. I haven’t written that almost all dolls clothes I make with hook 0.45 mm.
For those who prefer canvas fabric knitted using, I can say that it is not worse. Perhaps it is not light and airy, but it keeps the shape and allows you to do the embroidery is quite diverse.
For the embroidery, I use silk thread companies, Gutterman, and Madeira. The color palette of these brands is very wide. That allows you to make one flower a few shades.
In this collection, I used micro beads of gold color. He’s like a little the heart of the flowers. Some embroidery is reminiscent of a familiar Russian Art pattern of Zhostovo.

Amazing painting


I am ready to show you some lovely miniature dolls dresses for 2 inches tall.

<img src=" dollhouse dolls" alt="miniature dolls dress" />
Amazing blue crocheted dress




<img src=" dollhouse dolls" alt="miniature dolls dress" />
Light green dress with silk embroidery flowers


<img src=" dollhouse dolls" alt="miniature dolls dress" />
Pink dress with silk flowers applique


mi1Thanks for looking at my shop. I will be glad to review and comments.


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