Miniature knitting for mini dolls is a very thinĀ  needles, soft yarn, and my big passion.

A month ago, I planned to make micro knitted dresses for my smallest dolls from a new very fine yarn. For the miniature clothes, I bought the thinnest knitting needles #24 and finally took on the delicate and complex work.

Tiny knitting needles

I’ll tell you straight up the process of knitting with these thin needles is quite complicated. Knitting needles are so thin that they bend in your hands, and you have to work a little hard to knit the loops neatly.

The first dolls for whom I started making such miniature clothes were tiny nappies. I don’t know who made them or when. I found them at the flea market. They are very mini only 1,5 inches tall. Now they have clothes and I’m ready to show them to you.

<img src="miniature clothes" alt="mini dolls dresses" />

The most popular and sought-after baby doll in my collection is a miniature baby from Heidi Ott’s dollhouse. I like to create new outfits for him.

<img src="heidi ott doll clothes" alt="creativhook miniature" />

Miniature dresses for the smallest dolls can be crocheted and decorated with miniature silk embroidery or applique.

<img src="heidi ott doll clothes" alt="creativhook miniature" />For miniature embroidery, I use different images of flowers, mushrooms, or animals.

I started my post with a story about thin knitting needles. That’s why these dresses turn out to be thin and elegant. Each such set includes a jumpsuit, jacket, cap, and slippers. These are the most beautiful miniature clothes.

<img src="miniature clothes" alt="mini dolls dresses" />

To date, I have several interesting shades of the thinnest merino yarn for doll clothes – cornflower, orange, red, gray, gently purple, milk, and pure white, and try them all in combinations and independently.

My doll collection has a tiny doll made in South Korea. I call it the Nano doll. It’s 2 inches tall and the dresses for it fit almost any doll of similar size.


<img src="miniature clothes" alt="mini dolls dresses" />

Pretty soon all the new items will be available at my shop. Welcome to my miniature store.


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