Miniature porcelain doll

I have good news for miniature porcelain doll lovers. Today you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy expensive vintage dolls.

You can choose for your collection of dolls this modern porcelain doll with cute faces. Such modern dolls are handmade by talented masters by ancient patterns. Pay attention to the fine facial features and beautifully shaped hair.  The material this doll is made of is pleasant to the touch. 

I want to present to you a small new collection of amazing dresses from the finest silk. The dolly is 2 1/3 inches tall. Handles and legs are movable and there are painted black slippers on the legs. Any of the dresses on offer can be bought at the store shortly.

A gently blue dress for your doll is a great choice.

<img src="miniature porcelain doll " alt="miniature dolls" />
Blue openwork silk dress with a white shawl.


<img src="miniature porcelain doll " alt="miniature dolls" />
Pastel cream miniature knitted dress.

As my clients say, the most popular and favorite color of doll dresses is gently cream. It tones the doll’s face and makes it a miniature Lady from a past era.

 What do lovers of little dolls like best? It’s the ability to dress them in different dresses, that is, to have a wide choice. 

<img src="miniature porcelain doll " alt="miniature dolls" />
Tenderly embroidered grey silk dress ideal for a retro evening.


Without a doubt, white is the color of celebration and youth. Even the oldest porcelain doll in a white dress will be beautiful and you will forget about her age.

<img src="miniature porcelain doll " alt="miniature dolls" />

And I also want to remember a beautiful time in the 50s and 60s. The fashion of that time will suit such tiny dolls. Bright colors and fluffy skirts are surprisingly good for porcelain miniature dolls.

<img src="miniature dolls clothes" alt="mini dolls dresses" />

I will share with you a link to an amazing site from the UK. It was a discovery for me in miniature art. At the beginning of my journey, I only bought knitting needles there and did not pay attention to the other range. I was surprised by the number of miniature porcelain dolls presented on this site. There was no limit to the delight when I received the parcel with such beautiful dolls. I recommend everyone to visit the site and choose the best miniature dolls for yourself.

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