Miniature surprises for customers by Creativhook

  • Creativhook add miniature surprises for customers to each order, this is a Postcards with views of my favorite Sankt Peterburg.  At the beginning of my doll’s art, I was looking for something to please my clients.

I decided it should be a postcard overlooking our beautiful St. Petersburg. Sending postcards from different places of travel is a good tradition in many countries. Travelers buy a card, write it and send it to friends and family. A beautiful look and interesting brand will remind them in the future about the trip or tell about the city where the author lives.

The first card drawn was sent by Henry Cole back in 1843. He asked his friend the artist, John Calcotton Horse, to draw such a gift. Grandmother received an incredibly beautiful gift and was very pleased with it. Soon a new trend spread around the world.

I recently finished working on a new outfit for the Lady by Heidi Ott and I suggest you see how we choose postcards for new orders.

<img src="heidi ott doll clothes" alt="creativhook miniature" />

On the first postcard, we can see the “Bank Bridge” with golden griffins. Bank Bridge is one of the three surviving pedestrian chain bridges in St. Petersburg.

Beautiful views on postcards are many and can be viewed for a long time.

<img src="heidi ott doll clothes" alt="creativhook miniature" />

Perhaps it is you who will be lucky and in the posting envelope with your order, you will find a postcard overlooking my favorite place in St. Petersburg. It’s the Cathedral of the Savior on Blood.

<img src="heidi ott doll clothes" alt="creativhook miniature" />

Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ on Blood, or Church of the Savior on Blood in St. Petersburg – an Orthodox monastery memorial temple in the name of the Resurrection of Christ, built-in memory of the fact that at this place on 1 (13) March 1881 as a result of an assassination attempt was fatally wounded Emperor Alexander II (the expression on the blood indicates the blood of the king). The temple was erected as a monument to the tsar-martyr on funds collected throughout Russia.

The next order will go with a postcard, which shows the Peter and Paul Fortress.

<img src="heidi ott doll clothes" alt="creativhook miniature" />

Peter and Paul Fortress – a fortress in St. Petersburg, located on the Hare Island, the historical core of the city. The official name is Saint-Petersburg Fortress, in 1914-1917 it was the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Date of a bookmark of a fortress on May 16 (27), 1703, is the date of the basis of St.-Petersburg. It is a unique monument of Russian architecture, on which numerous architects worked.

There are numerous architectural monuments and museums in the modern Peter and Paul Fortress. The fortress belongs to the historical part of St. Petersburg and together with the complex of monuments located here is included into the UNESCO World Heritage List[1]; it is one of the centers of attraction for tourists.

Dear friends, I always think of you when preparing your orders for shipment. I sign cards thinking of you.

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