Felting is known to mankind for a long time.
Creating wool shapes is a very fashionable and exciting activity. Wool is a natural, soft and flexible material similar to plasticine. Thanks to this ability, you can come up with and easily make very beautiful toys of different sizes and configurations.

Figures from felt are wonderful, warm and such a great product. Natural wool gives crafts a special appeal. Crafts made from felt so nice to hold in your hands! They can be a wonderful souvenir and a perfect toy for a child.

Today, sensual toys made with their own hands, have become popular. They are beautiful, funny and quickly sold out in stores. Various bears and cats, dogs and of course mice!

I want you to meet Wendy.

Wendy makes a cute and funny mouse out of felt. I met Wendy last year. She asked me to make clothes for her toys. It was my first experience making clothes, not dolls. And our joint work was successful. Mice from Wendy in new dresses liked her a lot of customers.

Wendy Cleary just loves little mice, and therefore decided to create an amazing collection of mice made of felt. Mice appear before us in various ways, here and mouse kindergarten and mouse Santa Claus. Each little mouse is unique and unique. As little treasures, they will decorate any home and become a cute gift for Christmas or Birthday.

Visit a small shop from Wendy. I am sure that her toys will not leave you indifferent and perhaps one of the wonderful mice will live in your home.

As we know, very Soon comes the holiday of Halloween. And the mouse is ready for the holiday in new dresses.

Who doesn’t love Halloween? This little witch sure does! She is excited for fall and Halloween to come, and she just couldn’t wait a minute longer! Not a bit scary, this little sweetie comes dressed in her beautiful, perfectly appointed hand crocheted dress with an adorable cat on the front. Certainly, she has her traditional black witch hat, it is perfect down to those rolled up black boots. Her outfit is completed with her broom, her pet cat carrying a Jack-O-Lantern, and a precious smile! The height of this little trick-or-treater is 4″ to the top of her head!

This sweetie is just perfect to make any Fall or Halloween display or decor extra adorable! She is completely pose-able.

This little Ghost knows exactly how to decorate your holiday!! He’s excited for Halloween!
This guy is just perfect to make any autumn or Halloween display or decor extra adorable!

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