My first Barbie doll.

  • I’m almost 55 years old. I’ve never played with a Barbie doll, they just weren’t in Russia when I was a kid.

“Never say never” is a popular phrase, we use it for business and pleasure. This phrase is like a magic spell, you say – I never…, and sooner or later there is an event that like “never”)))

I wasn’t categorical about the Barbie doll, but I didn’t think I needed it at all. First of all, because it’s big. Second, because I didn’t like it for its artificial beauty at the time.
I have a son, not a daughter. So no one asked me to buy it.

  • Never say “never” because “days run so fast and nothing stays the same” (Lao Tzu)

But things are changing, and a week ago, for reasons I don’t know, I woke up thinking about buying it. I used to listen to my thoughts and ideas. Often they helped me choose the dolls that gave me the most pleasure.

I didn’t pick long because I already figured out what kind of Barbie doll I wanted. She should be mobile and blonde. I wasn’t interested in clothes and I chose such an athlete, they had a discount on them) a successful purchase!” width=”280″ height=”300″>

I’ve been knitting to order for women and men for almost 30 years. I like the models that are difficult to make or simple enough. Every craftsman will sooner or later determine his or her own style of knitting. And I also defined my style.
The main reason for buying a Barbie was the desire to tie up some interesting models that are not possible to tie up for small dolls. And there is also a huge stock of yarn that is too thick for miniature knitting.” width=”187″ height=”300″>

So far, only three sweaters and another one are tied up in the process, but I felt the pleasure of knitting for her. I need to give my hands and eyes a rest, I knit all the miniature clothes under the magnifying glass and take the needles thicker.” width=”468″ height=”401″>

I’ve got this amazing sectional dye mohair in my vaults. Just one skeleton, probably bought it for what project) I do not remember already. The sweater turned out to be a great sweater.” width=”424″ height=”331″>

The puppet wardrobe, as well as the wardrobe of any woman must have a white sweater. For autumn I offer a white sweater, skirt and hat. The skirt is tied with a hook of small squares. Hat with a big pompom in this style.” width=”724″ height=”653″>

<img src="Barbie doll sweater " alt="Barbie doll clothes " />

  • Thank you very much to the dear guests and readers of Creativhook. New sweaters for your Barbie can be seen in the shop at ETSY
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  1. Even during my childhood I could not buy Barbie from us. Now several in the collection, even with a plump body. Your Barbie models are very nice and I look forward to seeing you. Růža

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