How is that going to work tired and exhausted, I saw about subway grandma, which was sold on tiny tables all the difference.You certainly have seen this picture more than once. I kind of would have passed, but the peripheral vision drew on the table a doll. I stopped and began to examine her. Fatigue evaporate like the morning mist… and here I am, happy owner of a small and very cute doll. Of course then I found out that these dolls are a dime a dozen.But this was for me a godsend.She brought me back to my recent past when the main job was knitting to order. And here I got a model that is not capricious, not spinning and not talking on the phone. Which is everything that I neither tied. Any color and any style choice) And I started to create a wardrobe for… naturally, the question arose about the name of my model. Among my friends and acquaintances was a competition for the name. And in the hard struggle for the championship, won the name of Nina. Now Nina was full and almost sole my client. A few of my outfits I want to show you.

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