My first doll

My first doll came to me in 1914. I was walking home after a hard day’s work.

Near the subway station, I met an old lady who was selling various things on a tiny table. You’ve seen this painting more than once, of course. I kind of passed, but peripheral vision drew a doll on the table. I stopped and started looking at it. The fatigue disappeared like the morning mist… and here I am, the happy owner of a small and very sweet doll. Of course, then I found out that these dolls were a dime a dozen. But that was God to me. She brought me back to my recent past when my main job was custom knitting. Now I have a model that doesn’t get naughty, spinning, or talking on the phone. And that’s all I didn’t knit. Any color and any style) And I started making a wardrobe for… naturally, there was a question about the name of my model. There was a naming contest among my friends and acquaintances. And in a tough fight for the title, the name Nina won. Now Nina was my full and almost only client. I want to show you some of my outfits.


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