New clothes for mini ARI doll

Dolls of the German company ARI are one of the most beloved and popular among collectors. Thanks to the low price and a large selection on various websites, such dolls are bought by fans of vintage dolls and put them in dollhouses. They remember their childhood and rejoice in the dolls.

Mini doll ARI

These cute dolls come in several sizes. I know some people who have a whole family of ARI dolls. They live in many countries and delight young and adult housewives.

I have Ari dolls in my collection. From 2 inches to 4 inches.The most favorite are the little 2 inches tall.

Ari dolls

Small ARI dolls produced with straight legs that do not move. Only their handles move.
Other dolls of this size are similar to dolls, they have moving arms and legs. These dolls have the number 1028 and the company name on the back.

mini ari doll

If you have read my stories, and already know that I prefer miniature dolls to large ones.

Little ARI recently received a new set of clothes. Let’s take a look at a wonderful set that includes: A pink dress, white pants, a lilac top, pink socks and a miniature plaid with a floral pattern.

2 inches ari doll
Micro crochet blanket
mini ari doll 2 inches

This set is available via the link on the new InspireUplift marketplace


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