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Ori from Leledoll

Companies that create the dolls, now very much. You can choose to your taste any. Dolls articulated and ordinary, is crafted in the vintage or antique, large and small. The artists ‘ imagination to surprise and delight those wishing to complete their collection.
In this post, I want to introduce you to one of the Korean firms, the doll which now adorns my collection.ori_basic_06

The name of this company “Leledoll”. I saw this one on instagram and she has amazed and surprised me with its poignancy and charm of the great puppet eyes. Almost all of my dolls I bought for work, but this one I bought for myself. Could not pass up this marvelous little

Could not pass up this marvelous little face.ori_basic_07

Here he writes about his doll factory its founder:

“Hello, My name is Lee, JaeYeon.

I’m a doll artist, enjoying life with 3 cats(Pheobe, Joey, and Monica ) in South Korea.
I have been worked ball-jointed dolls with various materials for a long time.
You can see my works and exhibitions in the meantime on my personal website. is for my new resin BJD.
For the time being, I will post pictures and writings about the work process and as soon as it’s ready, the shopping mall features will be added .

leleDoll was named after the musical instrument, ‘Ukulele’.
I started learning to play  Ukulele while preparing this BJD and it was so much fun and help.

The first doll from leleDoll will be ‘uku’ and ‘lele’. I hope they will be loved by many people.


My doll has a name  Ori. She is very pleasant to the touch body, large head and beautifully painted eyes. Her size 6 inches. For its size it is similar to Lati Yellow.

You can optionally combine head Ori and lati.20150503_07ori_ud_03ori_basic_02

If you like this doll or if you want to see and learn more about the company, visit the official website. I’m sure you’ll find many interesting things. And while some photos of my Ori.

365imageori2The post used materials from the official website    www.leledoll.comil_570xn-1164364647_igfxil_570xn-1117756334_dt82

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