Owl and Eye my favorite ideas for making jewelry!

I finally, putting the needles and hooks, returned to the cherished box of unfinished ornaments. Such work I like to do in the evening. Why is it at this time ideas come and fantasy play. Though I give a lot of time creating doll clothes, I’m drawn to jewelry.1120

Most often these ornaments are created from pieces of jewelry that I give to my friends. I find it interesting to combine different items necklaces, earrings or brooches into a new composition. This time I went back to the Owls and Eyes. The process of creating brooches begins with finding and choosing the right parts.

Then I create a small layout. My main problem, I can’t draw( Many things have to keep in mind or make schematic sketches. But sometimes, an idea that was born spontaneously, suddenly evaporated and in its place is born another. And then I have hard to walk away from the table before I realize!1114 The Owl, as you know, the symbol of wisdom. Owls are the most mysterious and enigmatic birds. Owl fills us with admiration. Respect her and admire her. It is a symbol of all that is good. Decoration in the form of Owls will protect you from bad influences.

Owl brooches.
Brooch Owl

And another symbol that I like to do. It’s The Eyes. Every time he gets suddenly a new and no less beautiful. What do you know about the symbolism of the Eyes? Probably all know the power of the “Third eye” or some heard about the Magical effect of the eye? Is a symbol of vigilance, clairvoyance, omniscience. Get in touch with his light and wisdom and energy, power, able to act as constructive and destructive. Like the sun, the source of light, which is the symbol of mind and spirit, the eye is endowed with the function of spiritual vision, understanding.  In any case, this unique decoration will protect you from the evil eye and the evil eye.

New Eye brooch

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Very cute!


These pieces are so beautiful! They remind me of the lovely brooches that my grandmother wore! Well done!! 😀

Miss Rebecca

I love owls! I especially love what they symbolise so thanks for sharinf. Your work is so beautiful 🙂