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I am Lati Haru! Hello!

Here is a miracle appeared in my Dollhouse six months ago. I beg to love and favor, this is Haru, the baby of the family Latidoll.20160830_190307

This is a very famous Dolls company produces BJD  of various sizes, organized along the color lines.
It is their distinguishing mark. But the color palette only shows the dimension dolls.
And each of these lines has its nuances. This so-called Special sizes.

White – 9.5 cm
White Special 12 cm
Yellow – 16 cm
Yellow Special – 20 cm

In my dollhouse, there are three dolls in this company. Lati White Haru, Lati White SP Belle, Lati Yellow Jia.
About the other dolls that you can read on the official Site of the company. I will show my dolls. And let’s start with a little photo introduction.




Babes from White line is are fun dolls that can fit in the palm of a little girl. They are made in the style of “CHIBI”.


Sometimes Chibi or Chibi — style anime drawing characters with a small body and big, almost disproportionately him head. Often used in some episodes to emphasize the Comedy of the situation.


Usually,  “Chibi-characters” are very cute (kawaii), say childish voice and are often Moody or nervous character. Other notable features Chibi-style are huge oval eyes of characters occupying a large part of the face, as well as schematically drawn limbs. The fingers are usually not depicted, creating the feeling that the character is wearing mittens, in addition, to simplify exposed and feet that are drawn wedge-shaped elements that serve as an extension of the legs.commish_chibi_by_calvariae-d35qp7t

The Japanese word Chibi means little person or child. Maybe humiliating for the younger or smaller people. Close to the Russian said Shorty, midget, midget.

My baby Haru from Latidoll is a touching baby, baby calves, protruding stomach and chubby knees.

We must pay tribute, the design of the sculpture of the bodies of the dolls from the company Latidoll at a very high level that even baby belly buttons transmitted very naturally.jkzFor the childlike tenderness and poignancy faces, collectors affectionately called dolls “LATISHKI”.%d1%80%d0%bf
In General, collectors characterize Lati White as soft and delicate dolls. But this fragility is deceptive: material (polyurethane), which Lati do my BJD-dolls – very durable, you can even say “shock”. It can withstand some pretty serious loads, though once again drop the doll, of course, not worth it. Material dolls Lati uniform and matte, the seams do not protrude and touch the dolls, Lati slightly velvety.%d0%bd%d0%b5%d0%b7%d0%b0%d0%b1%d1%83%d0%b4%d0%ba%d0%b8

due2Fans of these dolls very much, they love writing about their favorite and make a stunning photo. But almost all of them say that expect their dolls for a very long time. I can’t really talk about it because I bought my dolls on the secondary market. I would not be able to wait a year, yeah, yeah!!!!! It is so much sometimes waiting for their dolls bought them on the official website. ” Latidoll operates through order periods several times a year (roughly March, June, September, and December); at times between these periods, all dolls will appear as out of stock. It is possible to buy a doll outside of order periods, but the head and body must be bought separately, which costs more, and no Certificate of Authenticity is received.” ( official site information)

But what a magical state covers finally one that waited for her doll. She was in awe opening the box, and look at her amazing eyes) %d0%bd%d0%be%d0%b2%d1%8b%d0%b9-%d0%ba%d0%be%d0%bb%d0%bb%d0%b0%d0%b6I just want to show the photo, that’s the way they come to their happy owners. I thank Hina Ichigo for her post about the Lati white. some more information.lkik

Barbie Kelly clothes maybe fit


Lati White                 Lati White SP
height: 9.5 cm           height   12 cm
head: 3.66 in              Head      3,66 in
eyes: 8 mm                eyes      8mm
foot: 1.20 cm             foot   1,70 cm
chest: 5.3 cm             chest  6.3cm
waist: 5.7 cm             waist  6,5cm
hips: 6.2 cm               hips 7.3cm

This is the first part. To be continued!

If You like my work and you want to buy them for your dolls, Welcome to my store “Creativhook”.


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Korean BJD Hujoo.

  • Among the Korean BJD companies, Hujoo has a special place.

Today  I’ll show you  doll  by Hujoo dolls family.
This doll appeared in my dollhouse in 2016. That year was rich in purchases and information.
This doll was a source of irrepressible fantasy for me, for which I tied up a large number of models, which later turned into the main models of doll dresses for other dolls.
With this doll I learned to change wigs and eyes for the first time.
Before that, I had no idea how to do it. It was a little scary and a lot of excitement)

Over time, all the fears and excitement faded away, and I liked each new image of Ellie more than ever before, but it was all later. While I was waiting for the doll to arrive, I was reading everything about the company and my doll.


Hujoo was invented in Korea in 2005 by the designer and head of Hujoo – Hyun Song Ian. The features of the doll’s face echoed the shape of a cat with pointed eyes and puffy lips. Yang himself, as he wrote about himself, embodied the traits of a rebellious teenager with a bad character inherent in this age. That’s probably why his dolls are special.


Having read a lot of information on different doll forums, I was horrified to learn that these dolls are not very popular in the families of collectors of the BR. As they write in the press: “When the Hujoo ABS line of dolls was first released, the denial in the BJD community led to a much bigger drop in sales than expected by Hujoo.

It’s hard for me to understand this attitude towards this cute creature. But the world of dolls is sometimes very cruel. But let’s not talk about sad things and get back to Ellie

  • That’s what I read about the company Hujoo.

First Hujoo doll debuted in Seoul in 2005. Prototype Hujoo — Mujoo was made of polyurethane resin. This material was very good for clear contours, small details, but too heavy for the big head dolls. Mujoo was more available and less mini-verse original Hujoo. The laboratory, in search of a better material, discovered ABS and upgraded it to the new Hujoo in 2007, which was presented the same year at the world puppet festival in Korea.


My doll came in a line of dolls 11-12 cm in 2011. And this line was called Hujoo baby. In this line there were three option little dollies Ted, Is, and Suve.
Mold my Ellis is Ted. Though the name mold boyish, she is very cute and attractive doll. She has 14 points of articulation and assembled like a traditional BJD doll.


Hujoo is constantly expanding its product line. Currently, Hujoo produces 4 different doll ranges with accessories and components. Full information can be found on the official website of the company. In the meantime, let’s see a fashion show of dresses for Ellie.




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Azone PiccoNeemo mini doll.

Each dolls collection has the most interesting specimen. In my dolls collection, without doubt, here’s the doll from Azone PiccoNeemo. In this image, you can see the size range of these doll bodies.


Many days and weeks, I only looked at it online and read about dolls of this brand. But curiosity still prevailed and was first bought a body. There was a long period of waiting and fantasizing. Waiting did not last long, or so I thought, and that the courier brought me a welcome package. She was so small, he thought, and maybe there are no dolls) But in the box, I found this…


It was such a slender body, which was even scared to take him in hand. And lay it in the poor box and was waiting for his head. Why don’t I immediately ordered the head, I don’t know!

While I wait for the head, began torments of creativity and inventing the image. I do not expect that work would be so complicated.imagezzzz

While I wait for the head, began torments of creativity and inventing the image. I do not expect that work would be so complicated. Body by Azone has a great feel. Smooth and smooth. Arms and legs move as necessary. And it takes such poses that would envy any model on the catwalk. The body is fairly proportional, as a young girl.

I prefer miniature dolls, for my first experience, I chose the most difficult option of body Azone Picconeemo.

Who knows it’s only 13 cm ( 5 inches). With the head 14, 5 cm. ( 5.7 inches) In the beginning, face her fiction, and I liked picturing her in my mind.

My biggest sadness is that I can’t draw. In my head, I have a lot of paintings and sketches, but to transfer them to paper is for me an incredible work. So I began to think about the face. My search led me here to this picture. She saved me. I selected the eyes and just moved them on the face. Just refreshed it a bit of sponge and face a normal way.

Now that I think about hairstyle options and looking for threads about creating curls.


And now some pics of the finished work. Knitting was not an easy task, so I had to remember the lessons of sewing.







And finally, I present my favorite set. The suit from cotton yarn in a nautical style.




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