Playing with dolls.

What do you think, what are you talking about two adult ladies when they meet in a cafe??
Fashion, shopping, family…? Of course about that, but if they both are passionate about dolls? Right…..They play with dolls))) 8145
My site about dolls, so my new post will be about playing with dolls.
When people begin to be creative, they are attracted to enthusiastic people. At that time I was just starting my doll story And I would love to meet with the same passionate person. So I met Anna Aleksashenko, which makes a nice stroller and carrier for dolls. аня

We live in the same city and set up a meeting in a cozy cafe. And imagine in the eyes of the astonished audience began to play… What came out of it in my photo review. So… all the attention is on the screen…


My lovely doll



OMG!!! Where is my doll?

8207панорама 2And now I will show you the work. Have sure you will love them as much as I love them I do.кол1кол2кол3 It was an amazing meeting, which developed into a friendship. If you liked Anna invited to her cute shop on Etsy. She does not only strollers but surprisingly delicate knits and dresses for dolls.

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  1. You are both amazingly talented and it was absolutely fated that you would bump into each other at some point!! Love the dolls and the strollers! 😀

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