AG mini doll Julia White Sweater

American girl mini doll Julie became for me a source of inspiration. Her sweet face looks at me in hope for new outfits. I wish her outfits were the most beautiful, the more yarn I have a lot of ideas and no less). The White sweater should be in every woman’s closet, and why not to knit a sweater our Julia. White sweater with braids this is a very cute outfit, and I started knitting it. When the sweater was almost finished, I thought….why not combine knitting and embroidery?)2500

  • To do the embroidery on the thin knitted fabric is not difficult. You can use some of the descriptions. Or just look at pictures. For example here are
Examples of little flowers. Embroidery options you can choose absolutely any.

As I have been knitting for a long time, I have accumulated a lot of small balls of different yarns. Sometimes so much so that I remember the orders when holding a particular ball.2505

  • Before you start to knit the sleeves, I made another photo. The flowers turned out all different and I did them in different techniques.
American mini girl Julia.
         Work in process.

And there was a solemn moment, the sweater is ready. I don’t sew very well, so the skirt is a little funny))) I think it has turned out beautifully. What do you think?1862

My dear Julia.

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    1. И я бы носила, если бы хватило терпения связать большой размер)))) Спасибо!

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