Crochet Bear face for dolls clothes

Clothes for dolls with crochet Bears face appliques are most popular for any baby doll.

Doll’s clothing is children’s clothing in miniature. As in children’s clothing, in clothes for dolls, kids are very popular with any variation of bears applique. On hats and overalls, they look very well and will never lose popularity.


<img src="bear applique on doll clothes" alt="bear face" />
Petitecollin doll in pink knitted clothes


I also use a bear face image in little baby doll suits. If the doll is a boy, the jumpsuit is blue. If clients want to dress up a girl doll in a jumpsuit like this, the jumpsuit will be pink. I love to knit these amazing clothes for dolls.

<img src="bear applique on doll clothes" alt="bear face" />
Baby doll by Camille Allen

<img src="bear applique on doll clothes" alt="bear face" />

It doesn’t matter what size your doll is. Even for the smallest doll, I  can knit a jumpsuit like this. For 2 inches miniature doll I also can knit miniature clothes with Bear face applique.


<img src="miniature baby doll clothes" alt="miniature dolls" />
Miniature blue clothes for 2 inches baby doll


For your favorite doll, I can make a complete set with bear face applique, and a hat in this suit will have small ears. I use many colors of wool yarn.

<img src="bear applique on doll clothes" alt="bear face" />
Mattel baby doll in bear clothes


Miniature bear clothes for Mattel baby doll.   If you want to wear your dolls in Bear face crochet applique clothes, You can see my work in the shop or write me a message. Specify which doll you have and which color you prefer. 

Miniature embroidery

I create dresses for dolls. And I really wanted to use miniature embroidery to decorate small dresses. The doll is my most obedient models and dressing them is a lot of fun. Any of them can be very beautiful in the fancy dress.
I usually crochet a simple pattern. This method of knitting in combination with a very fine hook gives a wonderful canvas.


It captures the effect of the canvas for embroidery and allows you to create miniature flowers.

Thread for embroidery you can use absolutely any, depending on the idea.


In the last post, I wrote about cross-stitch.  And here is what I chose to decorate the outfits of the residents of my Dolls countries. Such a field for inspiration and creativity. When a knitted cloth blooms little flowers. Winter is eternal and spring is breathing down her neck, in spite of frosts and blizzards. Therefore, in order to bring spring, I’ve made a few dresses with embroidery.

So… all the attention is on the screen. The show involved Kelly doll from Mattel, Jia and Haru from LatiDoll Lati and doll of Hujjo.


5 inches doll by Hujjo



6 inches doll by LatiDoll



Miniature  doll by LatiDoll



If you collect dolls and you will want to dress them in beautiful dresses, I’m happy to see you in my cozy little shop.