“Fashion verdict” show for Julia, AG mini girl doll.

“Fashion Verdict”  is a very popular TV show on Russian television. The essence of this program is that a woman comes to the studio who can’t dress or can’t combine clothes.

One leading it protects and finds many reasons why she does this. Second-leading, on the contrary, criticizes a woman and advises how to properly dress. The chief judge is either known to the designer or, as is now well-known fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev.

The first part of the program devoted to the hearing of the defendant and the Prosecutor. In the second part, the woman returned to the shop and she chooses three outfits. Invited to the famous person commented on the selection of participants. In the third part of the program, the stylists work with the participant and to your taste decorate it. The audience in the Studio at the end of program vote, or the choice of the heroine of the program or select stylists.

Let’s invite Julia to the TV show “Fashion verdict” studio together.

<img src="AG mini doll " alt="AG mini">
Julia is ready to show

AG mini doll Julia came to me like that. Very nice view for walking or meeting friends. But suppose on the street autumn. And I, as a stylist disguised Julia.
       But first, some photos of the stylist work on a new image.

<img src="merino yarn Nirvana" alt="merino yarn">
This color of yarn I chose for a new outfit
<img src="merino yarn Nirvana" alt="merino yarn">
The first part of the work.
<img src="AG mini doll" alt="AG mini">
Julia help me!


fox dress doll

As a result, I got here is a winter outfit for American girl mini doll Julia.

<img src="AG mini doll clothes" alt="winter clothes AG mini">
Do you like me?


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New dress to American girl mini doll Julia

I continue to test the yarn “Nirvana”.  For a new knitted dress for American girl mini Julia, I chose shades of green and light beige color. The dress was conceived as an outfit for Julia to autumn period, with long sleeves and floral patterns. For flowers, I chose a dark shade of dusty rose. For the petals of pale green edging and part of the ornament of the marsh shade. I came up with to complement the knitted dress a small headband with flowers and decorate them with the hair of my doll.creativhook AG mini

Yarn to create the pattern for the ornament I found on Pinterest.

Pattern of ornament

I start to work. IMG_3011
After I knitted a dress, you should choose the suitable color of buttons. I chose buttons in tonal colors on the ornament.





The dress looks very soft and warm for fall and winter. And ornament for the hair, too, was great.

headband ag mini doll
Flower headband
dress AG
Ornament in the skirt

creativhook dressIn my collection, there are a few dolls of suitable size. This knitting dress is perfect for a 6-inch lati Yellow Doll.latiyellow beige dress Then I remembered my fascination with wire. And on light, there is such a basket of flowers. After some time my project is finished.


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