How do collectors choose dolls for their collections?

How do collectors choose dolls for their collections? They can be dolls of a certain master or puppet company. Some collectors prefer porcelain beauties from the past Victorian century or plastic dolls from our century.

Perhaps the preference in the collection is determined from the very first doll and the collector seeks to find such dolls. They remind him of his childhood or one of the stories told by his grandmother.
The size of the dolls may also be an idea for a collection. If there isn’t much room for exposition in the house, and the desire to have many miniature dolls, the size is of great importance.
And perhaps the idea of the collection can be the beauty of doll faces.
But there are collectors for whom collecting dolls are part of the profession. I am such a collector. It is very important to have as many different dolls in the collection as possible when creating doll clothes.
In a previous article, I wrote about vintage German Plasticbaby dolls.

Angel from Plasticbaby

And in particular about my last find. She gradually gets new dresses. I will be glad if you like them.

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Light blue dress
Special for Easter holidays I knitted light yellow dress with silk embroidery and white apron, also with embroidery.
5 inches doll yellow dress
Light holiday dress for 5 inches doll
And another amazing dress for a vintage beauty. I wanted to make it in Russian style. It’s a porcelain painting by Gzhel.

5 inches doll

Miniature 2 inches dolls

For dollhouses, the most popular miniature dolls are 2 inches tall dolls.

<img src="2" dollhouse dolls" alt="mini dolls clothes" />
White crochet jumpsuit for 2 inches doll


For the miniature dolls, Creativhook’s story offers a variety of clothes. These are dresses and jumpsuits, jackets, and hats.


In this baby I fell in love at first sight, seeing him so small in a big lot on eBay. Lot didn’t break, and the whole merry company of 5 dolls together went to me.
When they arrived, I did not regret his discovery and purchase. All 5 dolls have been charming and baskets that were in the package also came in handy.
The kid was amazing and magical. This miracle growth of only 5 cm ( 2inches)


<img src="2" dollhouse dolls" alt="mini dolls clothes" />
Pink silk crocheted dress and hat


The country of origin, as was evident from the inscription on back Germany. Miniature dolls made of thin plastic. He called celluloid. Very fragile and weightless. This material, along with porcelain was very popular in the years 60-70. Arms and legs are connected by rubber bands inside a small body. Doll Face charming and well-drawn.

<img src="2" dollhouse dolls" alt="mini dolls clothes" />
Blue crocheted jumpsuit and hat


The most favorite and popular pink dress with an application on the front of the dress. A special miniature outfit for the Easter holidays.

<img src="2" dollhouse dolls" alt="mini dolls clothes" />
Pink easter crocheted dress

The first time I was even afraid to hold this miniature doll in my arms, it seemed to me that awkward movement I can break it. Now, this kid is my favorite. Knit for him is great fun.


I also have a doll of domestic production. This doll is also 5 cm (2 inches). It is made in the town Sergiev Posad. It is made of soft plastic and also has movable arms and legs. To have such in the days of my childhood, was the dream of every girl.
Now, when I grew up, my dream has come true) But as they say:” Dreams should come true, no matter how long this requires time”.



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