Micro BJD

How small do you think micro BJD dolls can be? Does your  dolls collection  have micro BJD? 

Dolls collectors  finally got a new micro BJD from China. Let’s get to know the miniature Ball Joined dolls.

I have an extraordinary micro BJD  doll for you today. A doll that I’ve waited months for and worried about more than ever. I saw it back in 2019 at Instagram’s girlfriend profile.

Maybe I just have the ability to charm and fall in love with new dolls. Many puppet collectors will understand me. I tried to take my mind off work and not think about it, but these crumbs kept coming to my attention on Instagram.

And so in July I finally got a message that the doll was ready to be shipped. Just a little excited waiting and the long-awaited package is on my workplace.<img src="micro BJD china " alt="Miniature bjd " />

When I opened the package, I found this pretty box. I have to tell you that packaging is important, if you are creative and sell your works, take packaging seriously. Your work should please the buyer already at the stage of unpacking the parcel.

And there’s a pretty, bright box in front of me. I open it and see a small soft pouch, I did not immediately realize that there may be something … There is such a tiny doll in the pouch that I was even afraid to take it in my hands.

The doll is made in China. It can be proudly called BJD, even if it’s micro. All parts are connected neatly, the tension of thin rubber bands is perfect, it allows the doll to take funny poses.<img src="micro BJD china " alt="Miniature bjd " />

I found extra eyes in a little bag. The tiny head, as it should be on micromagnetics for a comfortable change of eyes.<img src="micro BJD china " alt="Miniature bjd " /><img src="micro BJD china " alt="Miniature bjd " />

My dolls collection already has a small BJD from Korea. I thought it was the smallest BJD, but Chinese wizards and sorcerers have created an even smaller doll.

<img src="micro BJD china " alt="Miniature bjd " />

I put micro BJD eyes in the doll and now I have to give it an image, draw a face and make a wig. I hope I can handle it.

The baby wasn’t naked for long. First, traditionally, there was a blue silk dress and we appeared to the world in it.)<img src="micro BJD china " alt="Miniature bjd " />

But the girl at some point tired of being a girl, the wig is not)))) and the little girl dressed up as a boy’s outfit, whistled calling the faithful dog and went to explore a new world for her.

<img src="micro BJD china " alt="Miniature bjd " />

<img src="micro BJD china " alt="Miniature bjd " />
This is the story I have for you today. As it usually happens to me, as soon as there is a new doll, customers are immediately activated))). But I’ll make time and tie up something else fun for the doll. By the way, I didn’t come up with a name for her. Can you help me pick a new name, please?

Phicen dolls are dolls of this generation. New technology for dolls.

  • New technologies are being actively developed and introduced into dolls production. New materials allow you to create realistic dolls, only fans of dolls are accustomed to hinge joints, and now the new dolls are actively winning the shelves of puppet collections.

It is impossible not to write about modern dolls, so this article is devoted to the Chinese doll, Phicen.   Phicen is a doll with a seamless body, silicone skin and soft to the touch as a person, by the way, Phicen treat Action Figures.
Phicen is produced in China. The look of this dolls t is astonishing, its realism and ability to take incredible poses of the body.

<img src=“Phicen dolls” alt=“Phicen cinese dolls” title=“image tooltip”>

I saw this doll by chance, and I wrote it down for myself to think about buying it in the future, until one of the customers asked me about it. She wrote, “Aren’t you going to buy it, because I have ideas on how to dress it up?)

This message was the final point in the decision to buy it!

<img src=“Phicen doll 5 inches” alt=“Phicen cinese dolls” title=“image tooltip”>

The doll arrived. I won’t hide my disappointment, but I won’t hide my surprise either.

                                           Main characteristics.
Girl, most likely a woman) height of almost 15 cm. With 26 points of articulation. Very, very pleasant to the touch. Sold in a transparent plastic box with additional accessories: gesture handles and feet under the shoes with heels and a simple set of allegedly ingenious linen). In addition, there is an instruction with a detailed description of the doll’s functionality.

My doll belongs to the second generation of these dolls.
The inner skeleton of the second group of dolls is made of strong stainless steel and has 26 points of articulation with spherical joints.

The bodies can be given countless dynamic poses without much effort. The steel metal frame is covered with a non-toxic, strong, elastic material specially developed for Phicen’s body, it is easy to wash and feels good.

The first generation had a plastic skeleton.

<img src=“Phicen doll first” alt=“Phicen cinese dolls” title=“image tooltip”>

Phicen 1/6 dolls are most popular. But the principle of production is the same.

The first thing I didn’t like was the imbalance between head and body in normal proportions. In response to my letter, the company wrote that they planned to produce different heads for dolls at a scale of 1:12.

In addition to the body, head and extra pens and feet, there was a set of underwear in the box that I didn’t even try on. Because the material of the doll is not happy with unnecessary changes of clothes (

I was pleased with the incredible mobility of the girl, she can do everything that a real person, her poses are very natural. Unless the fold of her elbow gives her a doll. Minus the material is its subtlety and sometimes it is dangerously translucent.

The hinges move well and effortlessly, and are well fixed. Only the head is not too mobile, it can be rotated around its axis, a little down, but you can’t lift it up. In general, the doll seems reliable and strong, even silicone is not too frightening.
The manufacturer recommends not to leave the doll in a bent state and to store it in a flat position so that no cracks or crevices are formed on the silicone.

Tight rubber bands, hooks, and buttons on clothes can leave marks on the doll’s body, so clothes should not compress silicone, but rather store the doll without clothes.
Wash the doll with baby powder or talcum powder to prevent it from sticking to dirt and hair.

I tried to put on a pair of dresses and realized that knitwear is not recommended for her. It is difficult to stretch a knitted fabric on silicone hands.

Well, a little positive, my  husband squeezed her and said that nothing, a pleasant feeling) But! This doll is not for children’s games!

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