Dollhouse baby doll clothes

  • Miniature knitted clothes for baby dolls are very popular with lovers of dollhouses and collectors miniature dolls. Many dolls sculptors create such little dolls and they need beautiful doll clothes.

A few years ago, I exchanged baby dolls with a French girl. She liked my dolls, of which I had a few, she in turn offered me dolls from her collection.

Miniature baby doll was clearly made by a novice master and at first, seemed a bit funny to me. The Frenchwoman sent a lot of useful little things in addition to the navel. Now we often talk to her and exchange congratulations on the holidays.

The little dollhouse baby waited a long time for his turn to dress. Either my hands didn’t reach me, or there was something about him that I didn’t like. But I finally made a lot of doll clothes for him. After a long time, he suddenly seemed nice. Now my mini baby has a very soft and nice miniature white knitted clothes.

<img src="miniature baby doll clothes" alt="miniature dolls" />I started work with joy and enthusiasm. Many knitters will understand me, once you find a good yarn and tie something out of it, as yarn becomes a favorite. And it wants to tie both of them to test it. That’s what happens to me, too. I have a clear favorite among a huge range of yarn, I have already told you about it.  It’s a stunning very fine yarn from Switzerland. 100% merino wool.

My clients and lovers of small dolls prefer miniature knitted clothes made of white or milk yarn. This color is a win-win and always in demand. Teddy bears are also one of my favorite doll clothes.

<img src="miniature baby doll clothes" alt="miniature dolls" />Little baby, only 2 inches. At first, I knitted a full set of miniature knitted clothes, a dress with a cap, panties, and socks, a drooling bear face. To replace the dress with a sweater and pants and a hat.

<img src="miniature baby doll clothes" alt="miniature dolls" />

The white miniature knitted sweater also has a teddy bear, only as an applique. And there are little ears on the cap.And the full set also includes an openwork dress, small knitted panties, and an openwork bonnet cap.This complete set of miniature puppet clothes can be bought at the Creativhook shop.


How do collectors choose dolls for their collections?

How do collectors choose dolls for their collections? They can be dolls of a certain master or puppet company. Some collectors prefer porcelain beauties from the past Victorian century or plastic dolls from our century.

Perhaps the preference in the collection is determined from the very first doll and the collector seeks to find such dolls. They remind him of his childhood or one of the stories told by his grandmother.
The size of the dolls may also be an idea for a collection. If there isn’t much room for exposition in the house, and the desire to have many miniature dolls, the size is of great importance.
And perhaps the idea of the collection can be the beauty of doll faces.
But there are collectors for whom collecting dolls are part of the profession. I am such a collector. It is very important to have as many different dolls in the collection as possible when creating doll clothes.
In a previous article, I wrote about vintage German Plasticbaby dolls.

Angel from Plasticbaby

And in particular about my last find. She gradually gets new dresses. I will be glad if you like them.

s-l1600 (4)
Light blue dress
Special for Easter holidays I knitted light yellow dress with silk embroidery and white apron, also with embroidery.
5 inches doll yellow dress
Light holiday dress for 5 inches doll
And another amazing dress for a vintage beauty. I wanted to make it in Russian style. It’s a porcelain painting by Gzhel.

5 inches doll