Heidi Ott lady doll red sweater.

Ladies are ladies!

Miniature Lady by Heidi ott too) Red sweater for winter? Why not!  If she has something does not work, she does not give up and will cope with any difficult task. That’s why the main photo of this post a Lady pupil) or a Lady teacher?

Heidi Ott in red hand knitted sweater

Yesterday I was unable to upload my first video. Today I feel like a hero)

When my customers order new Heidi Ott doll clothes, I’m a bit worried. Why do you ask me?

Because I thinking –  Can they put sweaters or dresses on the doll?! And although I, of course, check everything before sending, I decided to make is a small video. I hope it will be useful to you.

If you like this miniature hand knitted Red sweater for Heidi Ott lady doll, you can see and buy it in my Etsy shop.


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How buttoning tiny buttons on miniature dresses

The miniature dresses have tiny buttons. How buttoning tiny buttons on miniature dresses. This is a small note I wrote for my dear clients. Most of my dolls are small, just 2 inches in size.

<img src="miniature dolls" alt="2 inches dolls>
if you have miniature doll 2 inches, READ this POST

And I understand that pinning buttons on their clothes can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a magnifying glass.


 Let me help you and show you how to do it. We’re gonna need tweezers. You can get it from the manicure set.


First, let’s put on our miniature doll.


After your doll is dressed.
Now the most important thing!

Take the tweezers and very carefully and carefully entering it into the loop. With tweezers, take the button and put it quietly in the loop.

2504<img src="how fasten miniature buttons" alt="miniature buttons">
I hope this story and my photos will help you.

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