ARI dolls with hair.

ARI  dolls vintage with hair – are familiar and very many favorite dolls of German production. Many people had them. They are still sold on eBay. And they buy them because they are living memories of childhood for many, many people in different countries.

My Collection of ARI dolls is expanding and today I want to show you a new doll. I am grateful to my clients for the unexpected purchases of brand new dolls. They are inexpensive, usually within a few euros or dollars.

One of the most popular models among ARI dolls collectors and fans of vintage dolls from the Germany, this is a large-headed doll about 11 cm high.

<img src="ari dolls collection" alt="creativhook ari doll " />
ARI doll 4 inches

This ARI doll is model 3330, the model number is written on the back. But similar dolls with synthetic hair were produced with different types of bodies and different heights. And the model numbers started with the number 3, so you can identify the series of dolls. This series was produced at ARI factories in the 60s and 70s of the 20th century.

<img src="ari dolls collection" alt="creativhook ari doll " />
A distinctive feature of the dolls from this series is a slightly slanted look and a large head.

The doll has a cast body with fixed legs, she has moved hands.

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I’m starting a new project, it will be a set of clothes for this ARI doll. I prepared the yarn and came up with a design. But this will be in the next story. Follow my site, subscribe to it and you will always be up to date with new doll stories.

ARI dolls rubber and plastic

I want to go back to the history of the ARI dolls company again. The interest of these cute ARI dolls does not pass with time.

Let’s have a look at the photos from the catalogs that the company produced. But first I would like to show new photos of my dolls.<img src="ari dolls " alt="creativhook collection" />

The company produced a lot of dolls from different materials and the collections include not only well-known rubber dolls.

<img src="ari dolls " alt="creativhook collection" />

A lot of dolls made of spiky plastic and the oldest of ceramics. In molds of these ancient dolls in our time very successfully produce replicas. Modern materials allow new life and history to the most popular dolls.

In this small photo with ARI catalogs, despite the poor quality, you can see how varied the range was then. On one of the avenues, you can read a large inscription “ARI. Advertising ceramics”.

It can be stated unequivocally that the production of ceramic dolls took place earlier than 1946, as the author at that time was already in the Western Zone (but this is the subject for a separate conversation concerning two well-known companies producing dolls at once). On two photo postcards can see ARI ceramic dolls in sets (“beach” and “kitchen”).

Some dolls are rarely found in puppet collections. Perhaps you have them and it would be interesting to learn from you.

<img src="ari dolls " alt="creativhook collection" />


Three plastic dolls (model 1011) – such are found with baby legs, mine – with straight legs. There is a triangular mark on the back and the inscription GERMANY 1011. Height 9cm.
I have this doll in my collection.

<img src="ari dolls " alt="creativhook collection" />
My plastic doll

Another cute creature, 11cm. The doll is made of rubber, the head and body – hollow, the head number 3418, the body – 3388 (under the triangle mark).

I tried to correct the known pages of the ARI dolls catalog a little. Look at the dolls’ images and information. Perhaps you will find exactly your doll in the images.

<img src="ari dolls catalog" alt="ari dolls collection" />

<img src="ari dolls catalog" alt="ari dolls collection" />

I like all my ARI dolls, but the smallest rubber dolls do not leave me indifferent.

Without a doubt, the most popular is 7 cm tall rubber dolls.

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Ari dolls, history and a second youth.