Baby doll blanket

Today I will show a little novelty. Here’s a blanket I tried to crochet for my dolls.2630 For the background, I decided to use the idea of cross-stitch. The simplest to start. Only 4 colors. This is a pattern of my idea.a795a4c6a9c1ffced4ec205dd48aa38d Each cross of this scheme I have a small box, or as it is called by many knitters, “grandma’s square”.

the baby doll from Heidy Ott


But that’s the most tedious in this work is to hide the tails of the thread)))

the tails of the thread
Work in process

Many will agree with me that this process is very time-consuming. But how good the result of this hard work! What do you think? Should I continue with this job?

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Azone PiccoNeemo mini doll.

Each dolls collection has the most interesting specimen. In my dolls collection, without doubt, here’s the doll from Azone PiccoNeemo. In this image, you can see the size range of these doll bodies.


Many days and weeks, I only looked at it online and read about dolls of this brand. But curiosity still prevailed and was first bought a body. There was a long period of waiting and fantasizing. Waiting did not last long, or so I thought, and that the courier brought me a welcome package. She was so small, he thought, and maybe there are no dolls) But in the box, I found this…


It was such a slender body, which was even scared to take him in hand. And lay it in the poor box and was waiting for his head. Why don’t I immediately ordered the head, I don’t know!

While I wait for the head, began torments of creativity and inventing the image. I do not expect that work would be so complicated.imagezzzz

While I wait for the head, began torments of creativity and inventing the image. I do not expect that work would be so complicated. Body by Azone has a great feel. Smooth and smooth. Arms and legs move as necessary. And it takes such poses that would envy any model on the catwalk. The body is fairly proportional, as a young girl.

I prefer miniature dolls, for my first experience, I chose the most difficult option of body Azone Picconeemo.

Who knows it’s only 13 cm ( 5 inches). With the head 14, 5 cm. ( 5.7 inches) In the beginning, face her fiction, and I liked picturing her in my mind.

My biggest sadness is that I can’t draw. In my head, I have a lot of paintings and sketches, but to transfer them to paper is for me an incredible work. So I began to think about the face. My search led me here to this picture. She saved me. I selected the eyes and just moved them on the face. Just refreshed it a bit of sponge and face a normal way.

Now that I think about hairstyle options and looking for threads about creating curls.


And now some pics of the finished work. Knitting was not an easy task, so I had to remember the lessons of sewing.







And finally, I present my favorite set. The suit from cotton yarn in a nautical style.




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