Miniature white dresses to dollhouse dolls

Miniature white dresses to dollhouse dolls

Miniature doll’s dresses in a dollhouse should be beautiful and different.
These can be white miniature dresses and blue dresses, red and yellow dresses. The dresses are for any occasion and for any mood.
We are thinking that miniature clothes and dresses for mini dolls can only be white.

<img src="miniature baby doll clothes" alt="miniature dolls" />
Why? You ask me.

  • White is the color of tenderness and childhood.
  • White color in doll’s clothes shows that baby dolls are like little children.

How do you decorate white doll dresses?
You can decorate them with embroidery and a small miniature.

<img src="miniature baby doll clothes" alt="miniature dolls" />
Doll dresses can be knitted or crocheted with a hook or thin needles.

The new Creativhook collection of miniature dolls shows white delicate dresses in the size 1:12 of the dollhouse.
If your dolls are in a different size, you can only order by messaging me.
Each dress has a back clasp and is free to dress even the smallest dolls.
I only use quality yarn and miniature buttons in my work.

Miniature white dresses to dollhouse dolls

You can choose any dress by going to the shop.

                                                                                    White dresses for miniature dolls


Yellow dress for AG mini doll Julia

Today my story will be all about the one yellow dress and about an idea! I recently dismantled my huge treasure of yarn and thought…Why not make a small collection of knitted dresses, only United color palette. Each dress will be knitted of one color of yarn and embellished with floral embroidery.  Some of the dresses I was shown. This time I chose an amazingly beautiful color. Colors namely is  Nirvana – Butterscotch by Filatura di Grossa Italia.

I knitted this dress, the bottom of the dress designed small two-tone ornament, imitating pebbles on the ground and chose the right thread for embroidery.  The idea of embroidery became this image on the Internet.

Start of work


And that’s what I did. My American girl mini doll Julia very beautiful in this new dress.2960

back of dress