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Fair Isle sweater for Heidi Ott lady doll

Fair Isle Knitting occupies a special place Among the many traditional techniques in knitting jacquard ( multi-color ornaments)
<img src="heidiottdolls.jpg" alt="heidi ott lady doll creativhook clothes">

Following the rules of knitting in the technique of Fair Isle, I knitted a new sweater for Heidi Ott lady doll. I hope you will like it. And a little story about this knitting technique I would like to tell you.

<img src="heidiottdolls.jpg" alt="heidi ott lady doll creativhook clothes">
Hand Knit sweater Fair Isle for Heidi Ott doll

Often the term “fair isle” is applied to sweaters with patterns. This approach is not quite correct: it is worth remembering about the other types of knitting in the technique of jacquard and understands that not every jacquard pattern necessarily fair isle.

Actually, fair isle is not so much a pattern as a knitting technique, which appeared on the Scottish island of Fair Isle and got its name. As the island itself is only one part of the Shetland group, so the fair isle technique is just one of many traditional Shetland techniques. The classic colors-a shade of red called “alizarin”, Indigo and pale yellow. However, immediately be distinguished from other fair isle techniques can unless Shetland masters.


In the technique of knitting Fair Isle, there are several rules-
– 1 –
Patterns are located on the product strips of different widths. There are narrow strips, 3-row, wide reach 20 and more rows.

– 2 –

Pattern color and background-in one row only two colors. They can change each row, but only two in a row.

– 3 –

Not to do on the underside too long broaches. A maximum of 7 loops. Maximum!

– 4 –

Try to avoid vertical lines. The reason is the worst elasticity of knitted fabric.

The first four rules definitely help the knitter’s easy memorizing the pattern of the ornament and significantly speed up the knitting.

– 5 –

The transition of colors in the pattern from dark to light and from light to dark.
This rule, along with the traditional yarn colors, which are traditionally controlled in the Faroese knitting, help and teach to combine colors harmoniously.

The first recorded evidence of Shetland knitting dates back to the 16th century. During the 17th it had spread throughout the Islands, and in 18-m has become the main fishery on the island.
The earliest Museum exhibits date back to 1850.  In the early 20th century, Fair Isle knitting was just a souvenir that travelers brought home with them.

However, 25 years later it became Royal and gained cult status at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. It began to dominate and soon the words “Shetland knitting” and “Fair Isle” became synonyms.
The craft experienced a real boom. Then there was a period of weakening interest, but now this amazing and folk technique is experiencing a rebirth.
In my opinion, hand knitting in a jacquard technique will never go out of fashion.

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Porcelain vintage doll for sale

It’s time to part with one of my miniature dolls. I don’t like to say goodbye to them, and I do it very rarely. Sometimes I sell babies 5cm (2in) tall when I have a small number of them.

For sale, I put the doll fully dressed, as they say, with a dowry.

A few months ago I caught the eye of a whole family of vintage dolls from different authors. I’ve been following them for days and thinking about them. Almost all of them were made of plastic, such I especially love. And only two of them were made of clay. And that’s one of them I want to offer for sale. I know that many collectors love and collect precisely such vintage porcelain small dolls.4996

I don’t know the author of this doll, but think that this doll was made a long time ago. Dolls face is very sweet and gentle. Arms and legs are moving. The doll is made very carefully and can decorate any doll collection.49856287

I made her a full set of clothes. White knitted dress with dark blue ornament. Pants and jacket with a hood are decorated with the same dark blue ornament.

6237The white miniature knitted cap will fit for the dress and for the blue set.6241

A full set of clothes and accessories for the crib is made in the same style and knitted with crochet and knitting needles of high-quality yarn.

6298For the little doll, I made a small basket with a blanket and a pillow that can serve as a cradle. The cradle is decorated with lace.



Miniature doll with this kit you can see in my store. I hope someone likes it. And the doll will go to his new home.6245

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Heidi Ott dolls family

Doll collections are not always made quickly. They are replenished slowly and consciously. The beginning of my collection Heidi Ott dolls has launched a few months ago when I bought a Toddler baby doll. When I got used to it and loved it, I thought I’d be ready to create clothes for the little doll from the Heidi Ott dollhouse collection.

Please see my work.

Heidi Ott dols family


As I wrote, these dolls strike a very delicate and attention to detail of the body and especially the face. It seems that the faces as living and never cease to wonder at this amazing drawing of faces.

ho baby
Heidi Ott baby doll
ho toddler
Heidi Ott Toddler doll


So the other day my house came with the following doll from a large collection of dolls Heidi. This is the Doll Lady. Her height is 5.5 inches. She^s body is not a puppet in the usual our understanding of the meaning. This doll has a female body in a very reduced size. Quite harmonious and proportionate. Now my small family to gather.

ho lady
Heidi Ott lady doll


I was finally ready to implement my old idea to make a small collection of knitted dresses in one style and in one color. For the first collection, I chose the color pink. The pink color is very best for dolls outfits. Gives soft and mood puppet happiness.heidi ott dolls