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Porcelain vintage doll for sale

It’s time to part with one of my miniature dolls. I don’t like to say goodbye to them, and I do it very rarely. Sometimes I sell babies 5cm (2in) tall when I have a small number of them.

For sale, I put the doll fully dressed, as they say, with a dowry.

A few months ago I caught the eye of a whole family of vintage dolls from different authors. I’ve been following them for days and thinking about them. Almost all of them were made of plastic, such I especially love. And only two of them were made of clay. And that’s one of them I want to offer for sale. I know that many collectors love and collect precisely such vintage porcelain small dolls.4996

I don’t know the author of this doll, but think that this doll was made a long time ago. Dolls face is very sweet and gentle. Arms and legs are moving. The doll is made very carefully and can decorate any doll collection.49856287

I made her a full set of clothes. White knitted dress with dark blue ornament. Pants and jacket with a hood are decorated with the same dark blue ornament.

6237The white miniature knitted cap will fit for the dress and for the blue set.6241

A full set of clothes and accessories for the crib is made in the same style and knitted with crochet and knitting needles of high-quality yarn.

6298For the little doll, I made a small basket with a blanket and a pillow that can serve as a cradle. The cradle is decorated with lace.



Miniature doll with this kit you can see in my store. I hope someone likes it. And the doll will go to his new home.6245

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Nano doll from Bluefairy

Last year well-known Korean company BlueFairy announced the release of the new nano-jointed dolls growth of only 4.8 centimeters ( 2 inches).


The advertising company was excellent. Fans of miniature dolls could not stay indifferent to the sight of this miracle. Dolls that distinguishes this company from many others? Very cute faces and Soft here, and it can serve as your company’s branding. I chose for my collection the little doll.


Despite its size quite small, the doll used all hinges like a big doll. It’s hard to imagine what is possible. When ordering you have the opportunity to choose make-up. I chose without this option in the hope that I have an artist who will draw me a face. I was not wrong, and after only a month and a half, my baby was already sitting on my desktop. She arrived in a branded box and at first, I was even afraid to touch it.4d2d

The first series of dolls was released with wings and a small magnet on the back of the doll. It really angel), Then my little doll went to the artist Marina. The wait lasted a long time, and that’s understandable. Draw eyes and lips on a tiny face proved to be very difficult. And I didn’t rush the artist. And finally, a baby with an angel’s face I have.
But then a new question arose))) the wig where the doll came from Korea was not in very good condition( I at your own risk tried to make a new one. Turned out to be quite suitable with blond curls.11d The next stage outfits!!! Oh, my God! Dresses that I knit for the baby of 5 cm, were large. Even the smallest dress!!! Now I’m going to do a whole new line of nano doll!240824062411

Here’s what I found about the company BlueFairy on the Internet.
Ball-jointed miniature dolls by “Bluefairy” making for many years, with two different lines — mini size (43cm) Baby Fairy lines and tiny size (14cm) Pocket Fairy line. In 2009 Bluefairy closed the store for several months, and again under the same ownership and management as a minor World. Minoru World had previously been a dealer of Bluefairy dolls, as well as selling their own limited edition versions of Bluefairy dolls not available on the regular Bluefairy webshop. In October 2012, Bluefairy announced that Minoru World will close and be merged into the main site Bluefairy, All the dolls, previously only available on the website of Minoru World now available Bluefairy.
In addition to dolls, they offer a lot of additional materials, wigs and clothing, shoes and spare parts.

And most important the size of the doll

Height: 5 cm
Hand length: 1.5 cm
Shoulder width: 1.3 cm
Bust: 3 cm
Waist Circumference: 3 cm
Hip circumference: 3.7 cm
Foot length: 1.5 cm
Legs: 1cm
The circumference of Foot: 0.5 cm
The width of the Hand: 0.7 cm
Neck circumference: 1,5

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Vintage celluloid dolls

Today’s post is just an overview. While I was busy with orders, I have collected a few beautiful outfits for my


dolls.  Here they are my dolls.  These dolls are made of a material called Celluloid. A bit of history about this stuff.

Celluloid – one of the first synthetic plastics ever created by man, and that in itself is remarkable.P4

He has another name, common among the fans and collectors. It is called Hard plastic. When celluloid was invented and gained popularity, and it was in the 1870s, almost all the dolls were breakable and fragile – bisque, papier-mache and wax, all these materials were easily breakable. It is therefore not surprising that the doll companies have started to experiment with celluloid rather quickly after its occurrence.

By the early 1900 s celluloid dolls were already numerous, as celluloid is easily molded and inexpensive to manufacture. This plastic created on the basis of wood products that includes cellulose nitrate and camphor. First established in 1863, it has become a popular material for the manufacture of such items as decorations and dolls. The main period of production falls.

My lovely baby dolls


This plastic created on the basis of wood products that includes cellulose nitrate and camphor. First established in 1863, it has become a popular material for the manufacture of such items as decorations and dolls. The main period of production falls in the 1870-1930 years.

Celluloid was not the perfect plastic for made dolls. It was flammable and easily spoiled when exposed to moisture. Also, it was too cracking and yellowing.  Celluloid dolls are very diverse: the size can vary from 3-5 cm to meters for large Japanese celluloid baby dolls. The majority of plastic dolls are usually not too large, because of the lightness and fragility of the plastic. Therefore, in many collections of dollhouses, the most popular are miniature plastic dolls.P3

Hundreds of different companies have produced celluloid dolls in different countries – in Germany, France, Italy, Japan, USA, and others. As I know, Germany began to produce them before anyone. later these dolls will make the USA and Japan.  Well-known company for the production of celluloid dolls includes Rheinische Gummi und Celluloid Fabrik Co. (Germany, the sign of the turtle), Petitcolin (France) and Irwin (USA).

Dolls collection what you see in the photo, made in Germany and marked ES.

Big plastic doll 4 inches and 2,75 inches doll


New green dress for 4 inches doll

Thanks for looking at my shop! I will be glad to review!

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